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Buying+ Selling: Moneychanging In The Temple (Mind/Body)

Discussion in '2005 Archive' started by Michael111, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. Michael111

    Michael111 New Member

    Mar 31, 2003
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    Buying+Selling: Moneychanging In The Temple (Mind/Body)

    Today, moneychanging is a powerful force in the world. The impact of commerce is global in reach.

    Through Jesus, I have realized how the system of moneychanging is as a 'matrix': a subtil, but powerful form of captivity:

    What is the energy created, and harnessed by moneychanging? And what is the effect that it is having upon the planet?

    Who does it favor, and who does it serve? Who does it oppress, and who does it hurt?

    Why did Jesus drive the moneychangers out of the temple? What is the spiritual force of moneychanging that would lead the Messiah to chase the merchants out of the temple?

    Jesus teaches that the mind and body is the true Temple... a living Temple. Jesus teaches that the Kingdom of God is within us.

    Jesus is the tree of life.
    Light shining in darkness.

  2. Watchman

    Watchman New Member

    Mar 29, 2003
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    He drove them all out of the temple because it was to be a place of worship, not a market.
  3. robycop3

    robycop3 Well-Known Member
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    Jul 31, 2000
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    Could be they were running a racket kinda like the one in the canteen at my employer's...All the vending machines will accept only dollar bills, & there's a money-changing machine which will change any denom up through a $20. The catch? The machine charges $.25 for each transaction! If ya change a $5, it returns only $4.75. And everything in the vending machines costs at least $1.

    I get around it by bringing my LUNCHBOX.

    I'm sure the moneychangers in the Temple were doing basically the same thing, and JESUS was quite unhappy about it. They were also selling sacrificial animals within the temple, thus fouling it with animal waste, hair, feathers, & dander.

    There was a large court yard in front of the temple proper, as well as a fairly long street leading directly into the court yard. Those places were where business shoulda been transacted, instead of within the Temple. Jesus wanted it kept strictly a PLACE OF WORSHIP, as Watchman said.

    Undoubtedly, His act angered the Temple officials who were receiving a cut of the vendors' intake. That's why He repeated, "Concern for My Father's house shall be My undoing."