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Californians Smack Back at the Supreme Court

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by righteousdude2, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. righteousdude2

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    Oct 14, 2007
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    Californians sent a strong message to the judges of their State Supreme Court. They told them that their vote for the sanctity of marriage was decided 10 years ago by a majority vote. Californians let the Justices know that they didn't like their legal intervention, and their decision to throw that vote out the door like yesterday's trash.

    While there is a place for the Judicial System in our government, the sanctity of
    marriage was decided by the majority who vote and that should have been respected. We, as Californians, did not want our Biblical and legal right to marry to be clouded and mired in the muck of homosexual sin.

    Legally, a homosexual has the right to have their partner share their insurance, jointly purchase property, open a bank account, and other things like married couples do. This right is guaranteed under the separation of church and state. However, Californians drew that proverbial line in the sand when the homosexual community wanted the right to call their civil union a marriage. Our right to marry
    is Biblical first, and then legal. The Bible is our first and last authority in life, and the Bible calls homosexual union a sin. According to the Bible, marriage is between a man and a woman, and this shall not be tampered with, thus sayeth the majority who voted Yes on 8....

    For the homosexual, I personally wish no ills. Truth is, they have God to answer to, not me, not you. If that is the life they choose to live, so be it. I know, according to the Bible, that, should the homosexual remain unrepentant and continue to live and practice a homosexual life style they will be judged and sent to an eternity in Hell. This is why I pray fervently for my daughter, who lives as a )esbian, flaunting her choice (in my face) whenever she can.

    Of course, her choices in this life have caused me much heartache and sorrow, but it has also helped me to better understand the intimate sorrow of the Father when His people continue to live an unrepentant life. And while we can't force another to be saved, we can pray for them. Now that California has gained the legal right to keep marriage between a man and woman, we must not forget to pray for the conviction of all those who have rejected God's love. We been called to witness to a lost world.


    Pastor Paul:type: