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Can any man forbid water, from those who believes?

Discussion in '2003 Archive' started by PetriPaavola, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. PetriPaavola

    PetriPaavola New Member

    Aug 20, 2003
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    Cornelius had called to his the house his relatives and nearest friends. Peter preached the forgiveness of the sins by way of believing Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit came on all, who were heard sermon of Peter. And circumcised jews, which had come with Peter surprised that the gift of Holy Spirit was shredded also to the heathens for they heard their speaking with tongues and praising the God. Then Peter answered; Can anyone forbid the water that these not be baptized, who has received the Holy Spirit, even as we also? In this we see clearly, that nobody else was not baptized, but only those who has comto believing in Jesus. In this Bible place we also see, that there was refusal to not baptized others than those who has come to believe to Jesus.

    Heathens became full on the Holy Spirit and so as earlier we examine, so by way of faith in Jesus can get only promised Holy Spirit. Order is again right, first word declaration from the forgiveness of sins through believing Jesus and then when they had to come faith comes baptism in the name of Jesus Christ. Lutherans, catholics and orthodoxs teach, that in the baptism man gets forgiveness of sins, will get Holy Spirit, will be released from the power of Satan, and comes for the child of God and a member of a church. These churches doctrine from the baptism is wrong teachings. We have already noticed, that from the Bible is not found of those teachings what lutherans, catholics and orthodoxs teaching. Otherwise in this Bible place was already fullfilled with Holy Spirit before for a baptism. Bible teach that man get Holy Spirit through believing in Jesus, and not a baptism. This also proves, that man gets forgiveness of sins by way of believing in Jesus not in the baptism.