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can spiritists communicate with the dead?

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by jprieto, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. jprieto

    jprieto New Member

    Sep 19, 2008
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    In 1 Samuel 28 ..... a spiritist was able to call up Samuel from the dead and Saul was able to converse with him

    why can't it happen in modern times?

    im not into it .... but here in miami many latins are really into it and i hear christians tell them that it is all fake

    but it did happened in the Bible

    what is the right path on this for me to take?
  2. righteousdude2

    righteousdude2 Well-Known Member
    Site Supporter

    Oct 14, 2007
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    Who Says They Don't Speak To Folks Today?

    This is defintiely an area that you need to know is forbidden by God, and it is something you need to keep at a spiritual arms length. This warning goes out to those who play around with Quija Board's and follow astrology guides.

    BTW: When people ask me what my sign is, I tell them it is the "Blood Stained Cross!"

    Below are some very good sites to help get you started in regard to this subject and why it is sinful and something believers should not even attempt to involve themselves with!

    SEE: http://christianity.about.com/od/whatdoesthebiblesay/a/talkingtodead.htm



    In no way am I advocating any of these reference sites. I am merely providing them as a footing for you to begin to find some answers to your questions.

    When it comes to this stuff, I consider myself wise enough, and Biblically sound enough to keep my distance. What you are talking about is demonic in nature, and you need to be very careful where you place your feet.

    That little Sunday School song says it so well: "Be careful little feet where you go!"

    I'm sure there will many more opinions, and good wisdom in regard to this question you posted. It is an honest question, and it deserves wisdom and prayer. Just know that I've seen some things that would make your hair stand on ends. And I saw it from a Christian point of view. I was prayerfully covered and anointed, and knew enough to (like Joseph when tempted by Potiphar's wife - Gen. 39:7-20) RUN!

    It is my prayer that this helps to get you on the right path to finding out some information about the issue you raised. I know that many BB members will also help point you in the right direction.

    Blessings to you...and, never go anywhere that you have not first paved the way with solid prayer!


    Pastor Paul :type:
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  3. JesusFan

    JesusFan New Member

    Jan 4, 2011
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    remember that God EXPRESSLY forbides even dealing with Occult, as ONLY God is our source to seek for ALL spiritual matters...

    ALL other spiritual l stuff, tarot cards, mediums etc are largely majority bogus, minority really demonic/satanic

    But MUST avoid at all costs! Unless involved in ministry against that!

    And God appears to have "permitted" Samuel to be contacted in order to make final judgement on Saul pronouncement by God, NOT normitive nor acceptable at any other time!