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Catholics,Baptists,Birth Control/Pro-Life Issues & Compromise

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Gregory Perry Sr., Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Gregory Perry Sr.

    Gregory Perry Sr. Active Member

    Dec 9, 2004
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    Per/ Earth,Wind and Fire's request, I am posting a duplicate thread here so that our non-Baptist members on the Baptist Board can have posting access to it. Here is my OP from the Baptist Only General Discussion Forum above (in its entirety) under the same title as follows:

    The following is an excerpt from another post I made in another thread that I believe was the central idea I was trying to highlight about the Catholic Church and their supposed "pro-life" stance. I just want to re-highlight it for comment here...pro or con...What do we who call ourselves "Bible-Believing" Baptists really believe about these things? This was my opinion based on what I think to be the truth...what is yours? See the following:

    "The following statement I'm going to make is strictly my opinion but I think it has merit from what I know of Catholicism. Their "stance" on birth control and pro-life issues is more than likely because of the apparent "fact" that the catholic "church"is "built" by live births and sustained NOT by evangelistic (soul-winning or proselytizing) in the Biblical model, but rather by prohibiting their parishioners from practicing birth control aside from "natural" so-called rhythm methods. They are, of course prohibited from getting abortions as well. (we obviously CAN thank God for that). They build their "church" by making babies and "raising" their "membership" from the marriage bed.....UP. As far as I know it IS still true that if a non-catholic and a practicing catholic marry, the non-catholic is required to sign a statement that requires that any children born of the union must be raised in the catholic church. It used to be that way and if they have ever changed that I don't know about it. I honestly believe their pro-life "convictions" are more about being self-sustaining as a church body than any scriptural or truly godly respect for life in the Biblical sense.

    Remember....this is the same "church" that gave us the Inquisition and had no qualms about murdering hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of "protestants" who refused to bow to their ungodly edicts and abuses.
    (I'll add this here...correct me if I am wrong...but as far as I know the "Holy Mother Church" has NEVER apologized to ANYBODY for that "Inquisition".Yes/No?)

    Catholicism is a false religion. They hide MUCH behind a false sense of "piety"and all their religious "finery". That is why we shouldn't join hands with them...even on the abortion issue. We should, as Bible-Believers stand against the murderous practice of abortion as well as other unbiblical things such as same-sex marriage,etc......but for sound Biblical reasons. We cannot yoke up with Rome, or Salt Lake City or any other unbiblical group and be right and pleasing to our God. We'll never see revival on any level if we compromise the plain teaching of and adherence to the truth. Nor will any preacher ever win any popularity contests by preaching or teaching the kind of stuff I just said."

    To close this...I know I sound very negative about the Catholic Church and their "religion" but that is because I honestly do believe that their system of belief is a false system that is misleading millions into an unending eternity in the Lake of Fire. It is no more Biblical than Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Mormonism or JW's or any of the countless other isms and schisms in our day. In this opinion and belief I confess to being immovably dogmatic.

    Bro.Greg :type:
  2. Thinkingstuff

    Thinkingstuff New Member

    May 14, 2008
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    This statement is untrue
    Catholics do evangelize and have missionaries as other Christian Churches do. Just because you haven't encountered them doesn't mean they don't exist. The reasons that Catholics do not allow for contraceptions and abortion is spelled out in a Papal Encylical Humanae Vitae. Here is an exerpt
    Finally what you believe about the inquisition is not true. But that is another topic which should be discussed properly at length.
  3. Matt Black

    Matt Black Well-Known Member
    Site Supporter

    Feb 25, 2003
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    Apart from the statement about non-Catholic partner married to a Catholic having to pledge to raise any children of the marriage Catholic, this is rubbish and ill-informed. Even the bit about the non-Catholic spouse is not universal practice: whilst it is the case that the Catholic spouse is to promise to use his/her best endeavours to raise the children Catholic, it is not required of the non-Catholic. The anti-birth control/ anti-abortion stance stems from a complete respect and regard for life as a gift from God from conception to natural death and has nothing to do with any kind of weird 'numbers game'; it is no different in that regard to the policy and doctrine of most evangelical denominations of around 100 years ago on these issues.

    Plus what Thinkingstuff said re proselytisation

    Er...no. The height of the medieval Inquisition was before the Reformation. You may be thinking of the Spanish Inquisition but this was an initiative of the Spanish government.
    Yes: John Paul II apologised at least three times publicly for it.

    More ill-informed rubbish I'm afraid. All the Catholics I know, including several priests, are Bible-believers. They may not have exactly the same interpretation of the Bible as you do, but then again I'll hazard a more than wild guess that many Baptists don't either; I believe you guys call it 'soul liberty'.

    Then I'll pray that God will enlighten you further.