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changes in Pilgrim KJV editions' text?

Discussion in 'Bible Versions & Translations' started by Logos1560, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. Logos1560

    Logos1560 Active Member
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    Oct 22, 2004
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    Did someone purposely introduce changes into the text of the Pilgrim edition of the KJV?

    The Pilgrim Edition of the KJV was edited by E. Schuyler English and printed by Oxford University Press in 1948, 1952.

    The NEW PILGRIM BIBLE: KJV Student Edition
    based on the earlier 1948 edition and listing that same editor was reprinted and updated by Oxford University in 2002 with consulting editors Jerry L. Rockwell and Douglas D. Stauffer.

    Douglas Stauffer is the author of the KJV-only book entitled ONE BOOK STANDS ALONE: THE KEY TO BELIEVING THE BIBLE. Jerry Rockwell was an associate or assistant editor at THE SWORD OF THE LORD.

    In the new introduction, I did not notice nor read that any changes were being introduced into the text of the Oxford edition used in the 1948 edition of the Pilgrim Bible. Nevertheless, changes were introduced by someone into the text.
    Most if not all the changes seem to have come from the Cambridge edition of the KJV.

    Gen. 15:13, 34:23, 43:34
    their's (1948 Pilgrim edition)
    theirs (2002 Pilgrim edition)

    Gen. 26:20, 31:16, 34:23
    our's (1948)
    ours (2002)

    Exod. 29:9
    their's (1948)
    theirs (2002)

    Num. 32:32
    our's (1948)
    ours (2002)

    Deut. 11:24
    your's (1948)
    yours (2002)

    Deut. 21:15
    her's (1948)
    hers (2002)

    Josh. 19:2
    and Sheba (1948)
    or Sheba (2002)

    1 Sam. 17:48
    hastened (1948)
    hasted (2002)

    2 Chron. 2:16
    flotes (1948)
    floats (2002)

    2 Chron. 33:19
    sins (1948)
    sins (2002)

    Ps. 148:8
    vapours (1948)
    vapour (2002)

    Eccl. 3:17
    farther (1948)
    further (2002)

    Jer. 34:16
    whom ye (1948)
    whom he (2002)

    Nahum 3:16
    fleeth (1948)
    flieth (2002)

    Matt. 4:1
    spirit (1948)
    Spirit (2002)

    Matt. 5:3
    their's (1948)
    theirs (2002)

    Mark 1:12
    spirit (1948)
    Spirit (2002)

    Rev. 21:20
    chrysolyte (1948)
    chrysolite (2002)

    If some words were going to be updated and changed, why were not the other updated spellings or words from the present Cambridge edition not included? Should this Oxford KJV edition be considered an almost Cambridge KJV edition?
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Not open for further replies.