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Characteristics of the true God: He must be proportionately big

Discussion in 'Fundamental Baptist Forum' started by Markantony, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. Markantony

    Markantony New Member

    Jan 19, 2007
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    I was sent photographs of some models of the planets in our solar system shown to scale with our sun, which was itself shown to scale with other suns in our galaxy. If I remember correctly, our earth could fit thousands of times in our sun, which itself could fit thousands of times in the volume of some of the larger suns. Even looking at the pictures, I couldn’t wrap my mind around their implications. This is amazing in its own right, but even more so when you consider the size of their Creator. They certainly didn’t pop forth from infinite nothingness, and no matter how far back one extends our cosmology, at some point you get to such nothingness. God is huge!
    Atheists tell us that God did not create man in His own image, rather, that man created God in his. The true God, Whoever He is, is much bigger than that. He certainly would not fit in any man’s image. I read that one philosopher speculated that God, Whoever He is, having created our imagination, must be greater than anything we can imagine. And certainly if using our imaginations we cannot wrap our minds around His creation, we can’t wrap our minds around Him.
    If the true God is this big in His power, then He is probably proportionately big in His other attributes. Is there any revelation on earth of such a God who is proportionately big in His particulars? Atheists are almost right on their point. The overwhelming majority of religions present a god who certainly could be created in the image of man, by the imagination of man. The Greek pantheon presents their gods as petty supermen, certainly within the scope of imagination. The same applies to Allah, the gods of the Hindu, and as far as I know, all the god’s of every other religion - but one. Only the Bible presents God as being so big as to be beyond our imagination not only in His whole, but also in His individual particular attributes.
    Take for example His very essence - Trinity. Three in One, One in Three. No-one I have ever heard of or read, can wrap their minds around the Trinity. Yet the Bible truly presents God as the Trinity.
    How about His most proclaimed attribute in the Bible, holiness. God is so brilliantly Holy, He hates sin so much, the Bible plainly tells us that one sin against such pure holiness damns a sinner to eternal hell. Can we imagine a God with greater holiness than that?
    What about love? That the brilliantly holy God, Who hates sin so much would become Man, and “be made sin for us,” and bear in His body the entire punishment for our sin, is such a staggering display of love, it has literally become the world’s highest example ever. Even atheists, agnostics, and other religionists who would if they could deny all aspects of the Lordship of Jesus, cannot imagine a stronger example of love than that ascribed to Him, and are forced to concede His lordship over the concept of love.
    What about giving? Who can imagine a gift bigger than the one we receive the moment we get saved. Completely forgiven of all sins. Given a new nature. Given the Holy Spirit. Guaranteed the resurrection, complete with a new body like that of our Lord - utterly perfect. Given a home in Heaven. Given fellowship with God Himself. Life is good. Eternal life is infinitely better.
    What about condescension? That the God of not just our galaxy, but of the entire universe and infinite dimensions beyond that, would in a still small voice call me to salvation, to faith in His Son . . . And then when I rejected Him because of the little sins and rebellions I enjoyed, did not smash me into atoms, but patiently call me again and again and again. . . for years . . . before I trusted Jesus as my Savior from sin, almost completely undoes me. My mind tilts at that thought. Yet He did, and He probably did the same for everyone reading this. He is the Lord of condescension.
    What about sovereignty? God has given man free will, that is clear in the Bible, yet He also claims sovereignty over the affairs of men. With any other being, that would be contradictory. With this Being . . . I think He’s big enough.
    The true God must be bigger than our imagination, and all false religions are bound by the imaginations of their founders. Thus they present God as understandable. Only the Bible consistently presents God as bigger than our imagination in His particular attributes.