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Christian debate Warriors needed on myspace

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by easysamson, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. easysamson

    easysamson New Member

    Feb 8, 2010
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    Christian debate warriors needed on myspace to defend Gods word.

    Wow, what a great forum to belong to. So let me be clear, I am not here to persuade anyone to leave. I only hope to borrow from time to time those that wish to pop in and out of Myspace for some spiritual warfare against the forces of Evil. Here you are surrounded by those who love the Lord but on the religious and general religious forums on myspace, a Godly face is a blessing to find, like two ships that pass in the night on the front lines of witnessing amongst the heathen.

    Spread the word that Christian debate warriors are needed to debate the forces of Evil on Myspace in both the Religious and General forums. We need Warriors not seed planters. This is not for the weak at heart. Only those who wear the amour of God will survive this battlefield of debate against the forces of Satan. Every form of evil spirit and ungodly thing is there and stands ready to debate you. There are about 50 Demons and Devils who have been there for years that rule the board and will take no prisoners. Make a list of who is who and show them no mercy. Let the word go forth that the battle rages and the Christian ensign still yet waves but the day is long and the battlefield soaked with the blood of Christians. If you think you have what it takes to defend Christianity we need you. Remember this is all in fun but the goal is to take back the forum from the godless for the spreading of the word of God. We need strong Christians. The forces of Evil are real so if you faint at the sight of blood we can’t use you.

    Among mice and men there was one champion of God who inspired the hearts of men and reined victorious against the heathen, but the Devil is tricky and defeated him in the end by banning him. His name was Vic. When Vic told an Iraqi girl by the name of Sandy that it was wrong to talk about killing American soldiers for fun, a raging battle ensued and a homo sexual moderator saw his chance to ban Vic. This is the Evil world you will face on Myspace. We are shocked that our General is gone. If they can not defeat you they will use tricks to get you kicked off so be careful. Example: If they claim your starting to sound like so and so then this is a coded message for the other heathens to apply pre agreed upon dirty tricks. They pm each other. If lets say they say you sound like cupcakes, this means cupcakes was a homo phobic so lets call this guy a homo until he gets mad and says something wrong so we can hit the abuse button and get him banned. Another example might go like, if they say, IS THIS STAN? This means for every one to go around and look for your other posts of yours where you might have said something they didn’t like and hit the abuse button. They will start mass hitting the abuse button to get you banned. When you see this, all Christians must do the same to the one saying you sound like or remind them of so and so. If they get out of line and insult you hit the abuse button. Complain, Complain, And Complain! They will! Act like you are offended because you are. Set up several accounts now in case you are banned you can come back as someone else. No matter your age or sex, in order to show each other who you are, at the bottom of every post set these words out in the open by themselves.

    I AM VIC

    This is what Vic did and will show others you are a Christian fresh for the Battle and will also confuse the heathens while putting the fear of God in their hearts as they will think that you might be an alt of Vic. This will give you an advantage over them in their paranoid world. If they ask you, are you Vic, do not answer them. If you say yes to scare them they can have you banned for being an alt. If you say no then they will not be afraid of you at all. Say nothing, just post the words, I AM VIC. Trust no one but those you see with the I AM VIC at the bottom of their posts. Set your profile to private because anything they know about you will be used against you. They will butter you up and make you think they are you friend, then when you fall for it, they will laugh at you and shame you so bad that you will voluntarily leave the board. “Beware” they are demons! They have been doing this for years. They are not your friend; in fact they hate you because you believe in God. We need rid of these people so we can bring the word of God to the young people who come there searching for God.

    Remember by their fruits you will know them. If you say Homo sexuality is wrong they will say you are a homo sexual. Don’t fall for this, ignore it and stick to what you are saying. They will trick you into defending yourself and drag you off into LA LA LAND then drop you off and disappear leaving you to feel stupid and unwilling to rejoin the battle. They will gang up on a lone Christian right away so when you see this, help your Christian allies out. Remember try and quote scripture as often as you can because they have no defense for that. Let’s take the board back for God so that once again Christians can have a voice on Myspace. Long live the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ! Amen.

    Bump this for God!