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Christians: Pastors/ Parents alert: Example of Wiccan Profile

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by windcatcher, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. windcatcher

    windcatcher New Member

    Apr 28, 2007
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    Unicorns, Centars, And Anything Mystical, Dancing, Wicca, Love to Write Stories and Poetry, I Love Amusement Parks Faeries
    Enya, Enigma, Clannad, Dagda, Genitorturers, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Korn, Orgy, Pantera, Nirvana, No Doubt, Gwen Stefani, Moody Blues, The Doors, Cat Stevens, Z aka Nobe, MafiaWars, Pink Floyd, White Zombie, Moby, Tangerine Dream, Celtic Irish, Scottish Bagpipes
    Violin, Anne Rice, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, C. S. Lewis, Charlottes Web, E. B. White, V. C. Andrews, Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, Good and Bad Faeries by Brian Froud, A Light in the Attic, Where the Wild Things Are,
    Valley Girl, Hackers, The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, Legend, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Fraggle Rock, The Origional Willy Wonka, A Clockwork Orange, The Last Unicorn, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Brave heart, Trolls, Tank Girl
    The 4400, Jericho, Into the West, All of the Law and Orders Shows, Degrassi, The Closer, The Unit, CSI, V, Flash Forward, Damages, Angel, Charmed, Criminal Minds, Smurfs, Snorks

    This is a partial sketch of interest belonging to a real person who is a declared belief in wicca, and is extremely offended by all aspects of Christianity, refuses any witnessing or testimony. What is (though it should not be)... a surprise.. is that some might be considered very typical of a Christian's library or entertainment interest.

    As ignorant or unfamiliar as I am with much of these posted.... still those which I do recognize... C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, the magical whimsy of childlike and childhood fantasy contained in cartoons like Smurfs (and the fairy tales customary in my childhood days) pictures and whimsical symbols; the nearly ethereal sounds and vibrance of Celtic Woman and Enya, several of the movies and t.v. interests I recognize...
    I can't help but wonder...
    When we venture from the Bible and allow entertainment in our homes which ventures beyond Bible stories, real stories -movies -biographies and portaits of courage/ statemanship/ charity, kindness, realities of hardship and perserverance; documentaries of historical or other value, news and sports...... just what spirits are we inviting into our homes? Just what subliminal messages or questions are being created in young minds which will not be revealed to parents in time to make corrections? Just how will these hidden fantasy and magical imprints enterweave [reminds one, doesn't it, of a spider's web or a witch's charms or incantations] with the information prevalent and dominant in this world through books, movies, music, education, and religious diversity being promoted.... to challenge or bar the power of God and faith in the life of youth or adults?

    I well remember my childhood impressions... even in reading the Bible stories and pondering on the mysteries and miracles which they portray: I didn't always connect the relationships of disobediance and God's judgment. [After all....King Saul was doing an act of worship, wasn't he when he offered an offering? And wasn't the man who touched the Ark of the Covenant trying to do a good thing when the oxen stumbled and he kept it from falling?] I didn't always understand that good angels are UNDER God's command, and their service to us as far as protection and safety is because of His sovereignty and by His command: we don't pray to angels! And the real question for me, as a child, why/how could the witch of Endor (sp?) conjure up the spirit of Samuel?

    [I was a quiet 'the obediant' introspective child ... which, imo, is actually more susceptible to these influences w/o the parent ....or the pastor or SS teacher...being aware. This child is more likely not to express questions as a way of avoiding conflicts and is generally believed to be 'more mature' than they are in reality. The expressive extroverted very active child barely slows down... and reveals more about what crosses their mind at an earlier age... and doesn't clam up until he reaches those terrible years where his struggle for autonomy, privacy, and control to make his own decisions and adventursome curiosity and experimentation brings him into conflicts with parents and authorities. Also, I believe, these opinions are such generalities when every child is so special and so different that offering them here is more to discourage a parent or spiritual leader from taking a 'type' for granted that the young one is safe from influences.]

    I hope in this posting and by these examples, to help mature Christians to understand and be alert to the fact... that just because something seems innocent or a normal part of a child or youth's interest doesn't mean its impact may be greater than that which is observed by their behavior and speech while living in the home. So what is a parent to do?

    Not being a parent .... I've no thoughts of personal wisdom but can find plenty in the Bible... but my study wont stick or help another as much as their own study would or participation in a parents Bible study group where these things get thrashed around and there grows a deeper understanding of the Word of God in an atmosphere of prayer, support, fellowship and exchanges of ideas. Personally, imo, one thing all parents must face is "You can't permanently shield your children from exposure to magical, fantasy, occult or new age thinking." "You can't control or prevent their minds from wandering into confusing or dangerous territory even if you limited them to Bible stories." If you suddenly start banning certain stuff which is common to the culture of their age through school and peer group, especially once they are teens or on that edge, you are likely to see a rebellion which cuts you out of communications with them and shuts their ears to the instruction you'd hoped to share.

    The best place is to start when they are very young: That's when the parent has the greatest control over what enters the home. The Bible stories can be shared by asking questions and presenting additional information and other Biblical support. Other stories typical of childrens fantasy... Peter Pan.... Cinderella.... can provoke questions bringing reality into the picture 'do you REALLY think farries exist just because this story mentions it? ... why (or) why not?.... have you ever heard mommy or daddy say 'money doesn't grow on trees?' do you think because mommy and daddy say this that money could grow on trees... or is it just just another way of entertain your imagination and helping you remember the [story] or [lesson]? have you ever seen a tree grow money? (here you can actually take a tree and with tape stick money on the tree and present the reality that it didn't grow there.... but it is a funny story and a funny looking tree..... A similar thing can be done with the 'angel tree' that many stores and churches display in the seasonal celebration memorializing the birth of Jesus Christ. There are many examples of real vs imitations or fantasies... to teach the child the difference from when he's young.... a baby-babydoll is not a real baby; a toy truck looks like the real thing but isn't.... in movies actors play a part where the character dies... and are later seen and identified in another movie and as another character. What do you do when a child asks God for something in a prayer... and gets it or doesn't get it? How do you teach a child about the sovereignty of God, His love, and His concern for their prayers? That one can make preparations for prayer... and pray and know that God listens when there's 'no time for preparation' as in while an accident is happening..... that there is no 'magic' in how God answers?

    I certainly have opened several areas for thought... nor have I exhausted them: But I do think young people, parents, and especially new Christians can benefit from increased teachings in these areas... which are some of the doors through which deception and disillusionment can enter an poison or strangle the root of faith before it has time to go to the deep soil and get a lasting hold.

    Moreover... we can benefit from recognizing that just like all people don't think alike.. the growth of some in spiritual understanding is different in each person... be they little people or adults: Mistakes can be made in thinking 'the right answers' mean understanding.... when it may only mean that some are good listeners and students but have yet to understand and benefit.
  2. abcgrad94

    abcgrad94 Active Member

    Jan 12, 2007
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    Windcatcher, I heartily agree with your post and wish I would have been more on guard about this just a few months ago.

    Unfortunately, we've had some experiences lately where my oldest dd (almost 14) was innocently lured into some of this stuff on the net. She likes unicorns, fantasy creatures, dragons, etc. and was looking them up on-line with permission. . .it's amazing how Satan can use innocent curiosity to gain a foothold! Dh and I knew something was wrong in our home, and the Lord showed us and we dealt with it, but I shudder to think of what COULD have happened had we not found out.

    We must be very vigilant in what we let our children read, watch, and listen to. Witchcraft is EVERYWHERE, and Satan is working overtime to steal the hearts and lives of our young people.
  3. freeatlast

    freeatlast New Member

    Mar 1, 2004
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    That is much needed information in the times we are in.