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CNBC Urges “Ways Around Congress” in Financial Crisis

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by Revmitchell, Oct 6, 2008.

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    Feb 18, 2006
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    Meeting in New York on the occasion of the 63rd session of the U.N. General Assembly, members of the Socialist International (SI) called for the establishment of a World Financial Organization to provide “global stability” and regulate the financial systems of the nations of the world. This will be the inevitable result of the U.S. Congress passing a socialist-style takeover of the U.S. financial sector. This centralization of power will make it easier to integrate the U.S. into a global socialist system.

    The SI, which shares the same basic economic goals as international Communism, is an association of 170 political parties and organizations from all continents, including the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), whose Chicago branch has backed Barack Obama’s political career from the start. Congressional passage of the “bailout” bill, strongly supported by Obama and Senator John McCain, sets the stage for an Obama White House win on November 4 and even further expansion of the federal government into the economy and other sectors. In short, socialism is coming, and American-style capitalism is on the way out. But it’s socialism at home and abroad.

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