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Communist China -- What's happening there?

Discussion in 'Evangelism, Missions & Witnessing' started by His In China, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. His In China

    His In China New Member

    Feb 20, 2006
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    What is the 10/40 Window?

    China | 17 February, 2006 18:00

    World evangelism statistics: Of the 55 least evangelized countries, 97% of their population lives within the 10/40 Window.

    Unless something changes soon, most of these unreached people will never hear the Gospel. Why? Well, Bryant Myers of World Vision has estimated that only about one and a quarter percent ( 1.25% )of Christian mission giving is going to missions work in the 10/40 Window. Open evangelism is difficult and even impossible in many 10/40 Window countries. Those are creative access areas.
    What will you do in the next five days that will move the Church toward reaching people in the 10/40 window with the gospel?

    The vision of a dying world: The people in the mission fields

    Working on a school report about missions? Here are some facts to use.
    Missions statistics from the places of the 10/40 Window:

    * Center of population:Two-thirds of the world's population -- more than 3.2 billion people -- live in the 10/40 Window.
    * Unreached and unevangelized: 95% of the people living in the 10/40 Window are unevangelized. Many have never heard the Gospel message even once. There are either no Christians or not enough of a Christian movement in many cultures of the 10/40 Window to carry out vibrant near-neighbor evangelism. If those groups are to be evangelized, believers will need to leave their own culture to enter another where they will seek to plant the gospel. Such cross-cultural evangelism is required because there are people groups with no church movements that are understandable or relevant to them.
    o Good news: There's a difference between unreached and unreachable. In 1989 there were only four known Christians living in Mongolia. That country now has an estimated 10,000 indigenous believers. Also, Christian television programming can now be received in many closed 10/40 Window nations.
    * Poverty: Eighty-five percent of those living in the 10/40 window are the poorest of the world's poor.
    o Good news: Christians delivered more than $1 million worth of food to just one 10/40 Window refugee camp in a recent year. In one North African country that is hostile to the Gospel, abundant rain fell after an Easter service. A local news channel reported, "Christians have brought rain to the desert."
    * World religions: Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism are centered within the 10/40 Window.
    * Least evangelized cities: Half of the world's least evangelized cities are in this window.

    Statistical data on unreached people groups:

    The statistics of the numbers of non-Christians can be staggering.

    * 865 million unreached Muslims or Islamic followers in 3330 cultural sub-groupings
    * 550 million unreached Hindus in 1660 cultural sub-groups
    * 150 million unreached Chinese in 830 groups
    * 275 million unreached Buddhists in 900 groups
    * 2550 unreached tribal groups (which are mainly animistic) with a total population of 140 million
    * Forming a smaller -- though important -- unreached group are the 17 million Jews scattered across 134 countries
    * Good news: Missions researcher David Barrett says the country with the most rapid Christian expansion ever is China where there are 10,000 new Christian converts every day.

    Bible translation availability

    * At least some part of Scripture has been translated into 2,212 of the world's 6,500 languages
    o 366 languages have the entire Bible
    o 928 other languages have the New Testament
    o Individual books (such as the Gospel of John) are available in 918 additional languages
    * 80 percent of the world's people have access to at least some portion of the Bible in a language they can understand.
  2. Plain Old Bill

    Plain Old Bill New Member

    Dec 30, 2003
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    I plead ignorance! What is the 10/40 window?
  3. exscentric

    exscentric Well-Known Member
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    May 24, 2004
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  4. John of Japan

    John of Japan Well-Known Member
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    Sep 22, 2005
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    The thing about the 10/40 Window is, it does include places which have been evangelized for 150 years or more, like Japan and China. However, these places are extremely difficult to work in, so the percentage of Christians in the population is still very small.

    Japan has not changed much in 140 years, but the news from China is encouraging nowadays. Our new friend "His in China" is doing a wonderful work, and I just heard from a believer at church that a Japanese paper said there were now 80,000,000 Christians in China. I don't know where they got that figure, but even half of that would be wonderful!