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Cops Shoot and Kill Homeless Man In Front of Mission!

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by righteousdude2, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. righteousdude2

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    Oct 14, 2007
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    The story that is sweeping across cyber space and the media right now is the shooting and killing of a homeless man by the LAPD following a struggle and fight to subdue the man, following his attack of another homeless man sleeping in a tent right next to his!

    I feel compelled to share this story because in many ways I'm sort of an expert on this particular story because I know Andy Bales, the URM Director/CEO, plus my wife and I ministered here on a monthly basis, for close to 25 years. This place and the men, women and children that call it their temporary home and shelter is special to the two of us, as is Andy!

    The video is not the best, but the written commentary is good, and I believe it will leave you with a better idea of what's happening on our city streets in LA! And if it's happening here, it's happening on your city streets and Skidrow desiganted areas, too!


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    BTW - Andy is not normally in a wheelchair. He recently developed a flesh-eating disease on his feet, and needed surgery to correct the life-threatening disease, brought on by his struggle with diabetes.

    On their wedding anniversary, three years ago, Andy's wife donated a kidney to him, and he is no longer in kidney failure!

    Andy has been at the Mission for close to 16 years, and he has done an excellent job of bringing the community, law enforcement and the homeless together in an effort to bring services to the homeless men and women on Skidrow.

    He has done a superb job with URM, and has spent many nights actually sleeping in a make-shift tent on Skidrow in an effort to better understand the people his missions serves, while meeting and talking with them in situations that put him on their level, in their environment!

    URM is one of our nation's oldest, most successful missions! Here is the link:http://urm.org/

    Link to their women/children/family living center: http://urm.org/