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Devotional Accountability

Discussion in '2000-02 Archive' started by Rev. Joshua, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. Rev. Joshua

    Rev. Joshua <img src=/cjv.jpg>

    Aug 7, 2001
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    One thing that I've noticed is that - between preparing Bible studies, articles, and sermon preparation - my devotional reading of Scripture sometimes suffers. I think it's important to simply sit and prayerfully read Scripture - without looking for a sermon or a lesson plan.

    Do any of you (here I'm speaking to fellow pastors) find that you've read several chapters of Scripture over a few days, but none just for yourself?

    Do any of you have any interest in once a week posting what chapters/passages we had read devotionally that week? We wouldn't need to post commentaries (unless we wanted to), and every day might get to be a nuisance. Just a thought.


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  2. John3v36

    John3v36 New Member

    Jul 18, 2002
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    I get up at 4:00 am and do my reading and praying then. I find it best to do it then before the day snecks in. :D