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Does Anyone Preach On The Street?

Discussion in '2004 Archive' started by rbrent, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. rbrent

    rbrent New Member

    Jan 1, 2004
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    "I've moved this from the Fellowship Section where I had placed it under 'Evangelism' before I noticed that we're not supposed to debate there."





    (1) Jesus and the Apostles preached outdoors where the people are.

    (2) The Old Testament Prophets preached outdoors where the people are.

    (3) Many Illustrious Preachers over the centuries have preached on the streets, in parks and in the open air, leaving us an ensample to follow in their steps...Peter Waldo, Martin Luther, George Whitfield, John & Charles Wesley, Peter Cartwright...

    (4) Most of the people in the town or city where you minister will NEVER come to your church to hear the gospel but vast throngs of those folks will go to outdoor events in your town.

    (5) If Mt 28:18-20 & Mk 16:15 are the command of Jesus, are we really obeying his command by limiting our preaching ministry to inside the four walls of our local church and supporting foreign missionaries who generally follow the same indoor practice when they get overseas?

    (6) If we preach on the streets and get arrested for doing so, would that bring shame on the gospel of Jesus Christ or would that place us in company with the greatest Christians and preachers who ever lived (including the apostles)?

    [ Careful - Might be a trick question!]

    (7) Should the Scriptural Examples bear any weight in this discussion? (II Cor 6:5-8, 11:23, 23; Acts 4:1-3, 17-20; 5:12, 18-20, 25-29 & etc).

    (8) If 250,000 sodomites gather for a "pride" parade New York City or San Francisco or Chicago, wouldn’t that be a first-rate opportunity to preach & pass out tracts to lots of folks who need some preaching?

    (9) If Yourtown, USA is having an outdoor festival, parade, game, event, aren’t you missing a great opportunity to get the gospel to them if you refuse to minister in the streets via preaching and other methods of reaching those assembled throngs?

    (10) If you make the big crowds angry by preaching at them in the open air when they don’t want to hear it, is that a good reason to ignore Matthew 28:18-20 & Mark 16:15 ?

    (11) Since Courts in the United States have repeatedly upheld the right to preach on the streets in public venues even when the multitudes did not want to hear the preachers and the police didn’t want the preachers to preach, shouldn’t more preachers be preaching on the street to tens of thousands of people?


    “So speak ye, and so do, as they that shall be judged
    by the law of liberty.” - James 2:12
  2. Pastor KevinR

    Pastor KevinR New Member

    May 21, 2001
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    I haven't street preached in over ten years! When I did do so, it was in the middle of Times Square, on a late Friday night. Scary! But our group had the opportunity to lead two or three to Christ that night, by His grace. [​IMG]
  3. RaptureReady

    RaptureReady New Member

    Sep 17, 2002
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    My uncle street preaches and I'm all for it.
  4. Precepts

    Precepts New Member

    Dec 27, 2003
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    Just to clarify my stand on the issue, I preach everywhere I go to anyone and everyone. Of course it makes the devil and his children get angry, that's the confirming indicator just who's on who's side.

    I've been "rebuked" by a "dear saint" of Gopd telling me that preaching has it's proper place and time, behind the pulpit and nowhere else. :rolleyes:

    The world is a pulpit and I say PREACH!PREACH!PREACH!

    I did make the statement there are ways to go about preaching in public domains, and that is to make sure to have two or moe in the domain so one can deal with authorities objections while the other is preaching away. Afterall, it is the objective to get as many as possible to hear the Gospel, right? But it is certainly an embarassment to get arrested, whether the arresting officer is right or not is meaningless, it's still a trip to jail!

    Of course we have inaliable rights to freedom of speech, but peace officers have a duty. Just because they abuse their authority does not mean they are completel;y wrong to ask you off the streets.

    Also I don't recommend obtaining a permit to preach on the street, that gives the public official authority where beforehand he really had none. BUT be sure the palce you preach in the great wide open is not private property and without having permission to be there, or you'll be tresspassing. I'm not going to let Hilary Clinton campaign on my front lawn, are you? Same goes for preaching on private property, if you're there against the wishes of the owner you're in violation of the law.

    Use common sense and abide by public safety laws and you'll at least appear that way, you cannot impede traffic, or obstruct justice in the process.

    If dealing with a "hard case" authority learn to appeal to his commanding officer. Even though we have Biblical rights, they don't always recognize those rights, but appealing to a higher authority does have the implication of dealing with some one of higher intelligence than the typical "beat" officer, none offense intended.

    We've handed out Gospel tracts at Home Depot and were told we could not do that by a employee in the store. When I asked why not, she, it's always a woman! said it might be offensive to some. I then asked her if she is saved, of course she said yes, but when I told her she shouldn't have any objection to us handing out what could very possibly lead somebody else to the same heaven she was going, she recanted and told us to go ahead. Then her boss came up and said to stop or we'd be asked to leave the premisis, Iasked him if he was saved and ,of course, he said yes. So I asked him the same, but then he got mad and I began to doubt his conversion.

    I then went to the manager 's desk and asked was there any harm in handing them out while shopping, he said he guessed not, but if people started complaing we had to stop. Well they did, and we honoured their wish because we were on private property.

    But you know that manager thanked us and said we could come back anytime and hand out tracts as long as we could till some body started complaining? we've been back at it three times since , but we don't want to abuse our "given' privilege!