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Does Man Go To Hell Because He sins?

Discussion in 'Other Discussions' started by Matt22:37-39, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. Matt22:37-39

    Matt22:37-39 New Member

    Dec 4, 2011
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    MAN DOES NOT GO TO HELL BECAUSE HE SINS...Bear with me and you will see.

    There is a misconception among believers that SIN is what separates them from God. That in order to find favor with God they must not do any thing "bad" and they must do "GOOD".

    According to scripture there is only ONE sin that will NOT be forgiven, and it isn't suicide (another misunderstood topic) and that is according to Matt 12:31 ""Therefore I say to you, any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven people, but blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven."...meaning, that if one hears the gospel "The Good News" of how Jesus died for ALL their sins, how they need to repent of their sins and make Jesus Lord of their life, and if they really meant it in their heart, that the Holy Spirit will come in and GIVE them new life, and now have eternal life and fellowship with a God they didn't have before. Whew, that was long....OK, so one hears all that and the Holy Spirit is nudging them to respond and they do not....that REJECTION is what separates man from God which automatically sends him to Hell. Hell is basically everything that is opposite of God...

    God is LIGHT....Hell Darkness
    God is LOVE....Hell is gnashing of teeth and pain
    God is COMFORT...Hell is torment
    God is GOOD...Hell is bad

    I'm sure your still wondering well if our sin doesn't separate us from God what does?

    It is the fact that we were born with a SIN CONDITION!

    That is why Jesus said in John 3:7 "YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN" To Nicodemus...and Nicodemus wasn't getting it, he said..."how can a man go back into his mothers womb"...and Jesus went on to tell him it was spiritual, not physical...He basically was saying we are all born in a sin condition because of Adam, and He/Jesus came to RENEW that sin condition to it's right form which is fellowship with God. Now although God forgave Adam and Eve their sin through the SHED BLOOD offering (Forgiveness and Faith) and covering of an animals skin, after they repented....the future of mankind was now born SEPARATED from God through Adams BLOOD. God also set into motion a series of events and conditions in order to RENEW His fellowship with mankind and that was through FAITH IN HIS SON.

    Man is a 3 part being, BODY....SOUL (mind, emotions and will)....SPIRIT. That is the way God created man, but man blew it by disobedience and now is born only BODY and SOUL.

    When one comes to the age of accountability (whatever that may be...individually it depends) and hears the gospel, if he SINCERELY YIELDS to this CALL, his SPIRIT which was dead, is now made alive, enlightened and now this person can have fellowship with God that he couldn't before...NOT out of fear or brownie points, but because of mutual love and respect. Like any good marriage. Love comes from the inside out (relationship) not the outside hoping to get in...(religion)

    See, the point is we still have to deal with this BODY the flesh (Paul says this in Romans 7) and our mind, emotions and will, the SOUL. So we still SIN, and will keep doing so till we go home and get a new body and a new mind.

    In the mean time, when God looks down, He doesn't me the SINNER, but Jesus's RIGHTEOUSNESS IN ME, Paul talks a lot about this in Romans..."His blood made me as white as snow"...therefore in God's eyes I AM RIGHTEOUS, not because of anything I have done, but what Jesus did for me.

    So next time you hear or think what you do or don't do (Sins of commission and omission) determines your STANDING with God, just remember God LOOKS at the HEART and man the outward. All sin does now is EFFECT your RELATIONSHIP with God, not who you are In Christ, Your standing or position with Him in Heaven, or how much he loves you...like any MARRIAGE your sin and communication will either draw you closer to God or further away...HE NEVER MOVES...YOU DO and I DO.