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Don´t Stop

Discussion in 'Baptist Theology & Bible Study' started by th1bill, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. th1bill

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    Sep 20, 2009
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    2Cor. 4:1-7

    Forgive me if I ramble a bit on this because this is primarily a reaction to my Pastor´s sermon, coupled with the lesson I taught in the Grumpy Old Men´s class this week. The sermon was titled ¨Don´t Stop¨ and in the subtitle position was ¨growing In Christ.¨ There were six points and they are available on request because I do outline and record impressions from the Holy Spirit. For this post I just wish to deal with what I took from the sermon and the lesson from Jer. 30 through the end of 33, titles, ¨Check your Direction.¨

    I have oft been noted for being Divisive and Judgmental in my delivery of the Word of God and I have never denied that I am, you see, it´s true! The one point that the World has most noted, in my experience, is that the Bible is a very divisive book! The first day of 1990, I was a lost puppy but I was not concerned about it, the Holy Spirit of God had overcome me and I was then walking with God and, it was, He that guided my steps.

    To the concern of some, that was, please note was, my testimony. Today I have a new testimony and, to me, it is an incredible story and goes right in line with the lesson and the sermon. As I look back over the past twenty-plus years I stand in awe. I have journeyed from a County and Western singer that loved and also sang the Blues that loved the ladies (plural) and have, under the leading of the Holy Spirit grown to be a Wheel-chair Missionary with converts all around the world. The LORD has spoken through me to people in Australia, China, all over Africa, England and who, but the LORD, where else, to draw lost men and women to Him.

    I have a friend, he´ll remain unnamed, that is sure he is going to Heaven, I´m not. You see, salvation is a multi-faceted event! But there is one thing I can be sure of and that is that the person that has given their heart to God is a growing person with ears to hear and eyes to see Spiritual Events and things. This friend, like myself, has a very good reason to stay home, he has a hole in his foot from Diabetes. This, almost certainly is very painful and without the Hand of God, will not heal. Myself, I sometimes remain in bed for fourteen hours or better because my body is trying to kill me and the pain is awful! There are few days that I feel that I can deal with the pain without my meds and there is an occasional Sunday that I miss but I do my best to make it few.

    I hear folks today, some are like myself, Baptist flavored Christians and they have, in the past, told me that they owe God nothing because they are Sons of God! Here I go being judgmental again but I know these people as Pew Whales. They just sit there thinking FEED ME! There are none that can point to what they are doing and by and large there is nothing to not much they can point to that they have done for no other reason than to serve the LORD they love and made their ¨Master.¨ Some can´t even point to the day they were called of God and neighbor, if you weren´t called, you are in serious trouble and in immediate need of a Spiritual Inventory.

    My first calling, upon entering service, was Children´s Ministry. During that time and as I was becoming grounded in the faith I was called to teach the Evening Men´s Class. From there I was called to help a young Pastor build a church and from there I have done a little of everything in the service to my Master. The Christian Life is not dull!

    My prayers go out with this message for a couple of my friends and to millions others I know are not serving and they are not growing, may God bless each of you today.