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Don't give up America

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by ChrisTheSaved, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. ChrisTheSaved

    ChrisTheSaved Active Member

    Mar 1, 2016
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    I say we can’t, because if we do then they will have their boots on our necks for the rest of our lives and beyond

    The ONLY way the IRS, FBI, CIA, NSA, etc worked was to NEVER cross that line of being probably politicized.

    Now that it has happened we see the hysterics of the left, the Washington establishment, and the media trying to convince us that we don’t see what we see and we don’t know what we know. A combination of a Jedi mind trick mixed with hatred of we the people and sheer panic that it’s all at risk of collapsing.

    Did you ever ask yourself why GOP politicians always seemed to be compromised under Obama? I know I did. Up seemed down and left seemed right. Something just wasn’t normal. Rand Paul thought he was being surveilled and even Diane Feinstein went to war with the CIA (look it up). Brennan weaponized the CIA for Obama just like Comey did the FBI. Thank God for Mike Rogers.

    Did it ever seem weird to you that Chief Justice Roberts twisted himself into a pretzel to basically make (snip) up in order to save Obamacare, a law that he undoubtedly thought was unconstitutional? Even Anthony Kennedy was furious and shocked that Roberts flipped (look it up).

    A strong America wouldn’t allow the FISA abuse to stand.

    A strong America would laugh at the legislation-via-manufactured-crisis mentally that held us hostage under Obama.

    I worry about us. Sometimes I feel like we are just observing our entire way of life being sucked away by people in Washington think tanks who spend every second of the day learning how to brainwash us and keep us mentally numb.

    I used to believe our side would rise up and fight back and I still hope we do. If we don’t it’s over.

    We were so happy and relieved when Trump was elected, and then we started seeing and learning things we couldn’t believe even though we had suspicions. Winning the election was not even the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

    Even our means of communication - this message board, Twitter, etc are manipulated by the left. They own it all, all it takes is a few lies to muddy up the waters and then people don't know what to believe. Ironically the left thinks they are right on this issue. Chances are they have done zero research. Gab is a good idea maybe but it’s a raindrop in the Pacific Ocean and it’s just circular talk.

    We need to be serious about what is at stake.

    We need to fight these people with fire. They will expose you in a nanosecond if they can get dirt on you.

    We need to destroy them first because they WILL destroy you.

    The one thing I love so much about the way we destroyed the old GOP and then Hillary was it was the first time I’ve ever been on a team that refuses to play by Republican rules of purity and fought back on their terms.

    What good are your stupid morals and principals if, by turning the other cheek, you allow them to legislate the death of babies who can survive outside the womb, force churches to marry gay people, the preference of illegal children over the children of American citizens???? We might as well climb into our own coffins.

    Two things bother me greatly right now:

    1) the sheer propaganda of the media spin on the memo. The mask is off. They aren’t event pretending to be unbiased anymore and frankly I’m glad. But it’s overwhelming and kind of scary to see the machine we are up against.

    2)the number of people who buy it. Granted, I’m mostly looking on twitter and I 100% realize the smoke and mirrors employed by the left on twitter to make their numbers seem far larger than they really are. But still at times it feels helpless

    But we have no choice. None. These people not only have to be removed from the positions of power they abuse, they have to be exposed and they have to be punished.

    Do you remember when Sandy Berger (former Clinton aide) went into the national archives and stuffed documents down his sock to remove them so that Bill Clinton’s 9/11 failures wouldn’t be exposed? What would happen to you if you walked into the National Archives and stole documents? Do you know what happened to Sandy?

    This is all our fault for allowing it to happen. It’s the fault of previous generations too. It can’t go on. This has to be the end of the abuse.

    We must restore law and order and ironically that means gutting our federal law enforcement agencies.

    Rant over

    Copied paste from another forum I edited a few things.
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