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Dr. Elaina Geroge on Health Care

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by windcatcher, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. windcatcher

    windcatcher New Member

    Apr 28, 2007
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    Before I give the links to her summations, please let me give a report of the interview I heard between her and Joyce Riley out of Missouri:

    The AMA:
    It is a political arm of medicine . Its leadership and those active in politics are generally more affiliated with research and accademics than involved in actual private or clinical practice. She estimates that more than 70% of practicing physcians consider themselves ARE NOT correctly represented by the AMA. The doctors who support obama's health care plan were represented by people in thier profession who have no idea what it is like to run a medical practice, make a payroll and attend to the other rising costs and impact like mal practice insurance.

    Insurance cost have risen as the result of lack of competition. When health insurance became commonly available, there were many companies and competition. The larger companies gobbled up the smaller ones and now the controllers of health insurance, whether a gourp plan or an indivilual plan, are controlled and run by about three major companies over the subsidiaries under them. They controll what is written , what is covered, who is dropped, how much they will pay, how much they will charge. The insurance companies participated in back door deals for their support to obama care, by assurances that they will be participants in the screenings and gatekeepers for the government sponsored help care.... for which they will also be compensated.
    (Sounds similar to the union deals which are pay back for union support to win an election and procure their continued support for obama's policies.)

    About 30% of doctors in NY, and 40% across the nation will still accept medicare patients....... and more are likely to drop. Medicare no longer allows the consultation cost and time compensation for a new patient seen by referrral to a specialist. This initial visit takes considerable time to study the data sent by the primary referral, taking a history, determining the diagnostics needed and sending a report back to the primary.

    These continue to be the big winners..... and will be driving health care in the US as it is less time consuming for the physician and will be covered by either the patient or the plan.....

    Her links summarizing Obama care from a physician's perspective: very concise and not all inclusive.

    About Doctor Elaina George

    imo..... it is also a political and corporation success built on marketing insurance for which they are well compensated, and obtaining government grants for programs like 'volunteer' free tax services to seniors................... and they don't represent me!