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Dreams that feature "church music"

Discussion in 'Music Ministry' started by Alcott, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. Alcott

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    Dec 17, 2002
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    I had a dream some time last week that I had forgotten until this morning when I was teaching a class, and it seemed relevant at the time.

    The Geico Gecko-- you know, that little lizard that speaks with an Oxford accent in Geico ads-- was wearing a suit in church, stand behindthe podiu, and began singing,

    Blessed insurance-- Geico is mine!
    I like my poker, my Stogies and wine...."

    This was not the first time I had a dream in which 'church music' was something... well, besides that.
    When I was a kid, about 9 or 10, I remembered the Jack LaLanne Show on teleivision and how he ended his exercise show by singing his version of "Good Night, Laides"--

    Good bye, ladies... goodbye, boys and girls.... goodbye, everyone; it's time to say goodbye.
    Happily we exercise-- exercise-- exercise-- happily we exercise... it's time--to--say-- goood-byye!"

    I dreamed I was in church, and the choir, in their blue robes, came out and started singing that second line. And really, it's not entirely unfitting-- worship is an exercise (ain't it?).

    Am I the only one who ever dreamed of church music in a silly context? Probably not.... ?
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