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Durango, Mexico

Discussion in 'Evangelism, Missions & Witnessing' started by rdwhite, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. rdwhite

    rdwhite New Member

    Jul 4, 2008
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    Mexico has experienced great flooding during the past several weeks. Mosquito and fly populations were already higher than normal this year, and now they are projected to increase three fold.

    Local pastors in Durango requested help with this situation. Illness and disease are spreading among poor villages that do not have the resources to combat the situation.

    I led a disaster relief team tasked to train several local communities how to deal with the mosquitoes and flies. We donated fogging machines, pump sprayers, and poison to the villages and trained them how to use the equipment and proper application of the poison. We also donated screen material and bed netting and trained them to properly install the materials. We also trained them to eliminate standing water sources and harbors for the insects. This was an excellent social opportunity that afforded us an open door to preach the gospel.

    We sang hymns, gave testimonies, and preached the gospel of Jesus Christ in each of the villages. We did not have any immediate decisions of salvation, however we planted the seed and generated goodwill for the local churches in those communities. In one of the villages, a wealthy land owner was led to donate a tract of land for the church to build a temple.

    We are already making plans to return and be involved in other projects. If anyone is interested in a good mission partnership, let me know. Some of the projects include carpentry workshops, rabbitry workshops, sewing workshops, and several other agricultural workshops. The purpose of these workshops is to train the people with a vocation that will allow them to sustain a living. These workshops will afford us an open door to preach the gospel and generate goodwill for the local Baptist churches in these communities.
  2. John of Japan

    John of Japan Well-Known Member
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    Sep 22, 2005
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    Praise the Lord! Sounds like a wonderful work.