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Easter mistakes

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Gerhard Ebersoehn, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. Gerhard Ebersoehn

    Gerhard Ebersoehn Active Member
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    Jul 31, 2004
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    to be accurate the link linked to about 20 sites on the topic. Given the response, it appears you've written this op without a completed understanding of the matter so I'm curious how any judgment, one way or another, can be rendered; especially one so hyperbolized as the mistakes are "infinite" (numerous, maybe, but not infinite).

    My chief complaints, both ones I've consistently posted to you, Gerhard, about are the fact that the ops are invariably accusatory and without evidence. Any poster can win all the debates and still be culpable of Gal. 5:20. That's a dubious accomplishment.

    So... for example, when the claim, "Jesus was not crucified and he did not die and he was not buried on the same day" is made, some evidence to that effect should be provided. Otherwise the new reader is reading nothing more than a baseless claim (or set of claims). "Why would anyone post baseless claims?" is amongst the first questions such ops generate. I am not the only one who has pointed this out to you.

    A variety of dynamics then ensue. If you're the type to post evidence with no intent to discuss it that's one dynamic. Posting it and discussing it without any room for correction is another. Not posting any evidence at all and posting in diverse ways to others who've reacted to the lack of evidence for the sake of avoiding the op (by both of you) and enjoining various tangents is another. The list of ways to have a fruitless conversation is long. The ways to effectively discuss the claims of this op are few and so far it's not begun well, imo. The onus isn't on the respondents to provide evidence.

    The op is yours. The op is yours to assert. It is yours to evidence, yours to support scripturally and rationally. It is yours to correct as the various responses warrant. And, if the evidence in the replies so warrant, then the op is yours to crrect and if need be to discard entirely and begin anew. This is true of any op. The onus is all on op in the beginning.

    Now, I don't mean to divert the conversation with the point that you've just confessed to posting a baseless accusatory op without complete knowledge. I'm simply highlighting what's actually going on and I do so in hopes you'll reply rightly (according to scripture and reason). If you've got a sound case for your claims then the discussion should be brief: you'll make your case, your case will be sound, and all readers will affirm the soundness of the case and post something to the effect of, "Well done." Of course, where there are flaws (real or perceived) you should pay attention, not merely defend. There's a rold of difference between defending the op apologetically, defending the op ideologically, and defending one's self through the appearance of an apologetic defense.

    So, while I would encourage you to go back and re-word the op in a manner that removes both its accusatory reading and its baselessness, I understand the op is already out of the keyboard and into the forum. So provide some evidence, please. Begin with your own thesis:

    Jesus was not crucified, nor did he die, and nor was he buried on the same day

    ...and explain how scripture, context, and reason prohibit such a conclusion and then, if you're willing and able provide an alternative that bears a measurably better integrity with the Bible, context, and reason.

    Thanks in advance.

    Therefore . . . In defense of what I believe is the Bible Truth . . .

    'Jesus was crucified and died on the fourteenth day of the First Month and was buried on the fifteenth day of the First Month'

    Proof texts A-group:

    Three hours before sunset on Crucifixion day:

    Mark 15:34,37,38,

    Matthew 27:46,50,51,52,54

    Luke 23:46,48

    John 19:30

    Darkness and after effect

    Sudden light and after effect

    Veil rent and effect

    Lintel collapsed and effect

    Earthquake and after effect

    Fear and confusion reigning

    Cross and place evacuated and deserted

    Consternation at home

    Sacrificial ceremonies to nothing

    Three hours like in no time gone!

    Proof texts B-group

    After sunset began the NEXT day:

    “EVENING had come … came Joseph” Mark 15:42 Matthew 27:57 John 19:31,38 Luke 23:50,

    “At the First Night (of unleavened bread) came Nicodemus …” John 19:39,40

    “Now in the place … a sepulchre there laid they Jesus ” John 19:41,42a

    “The women followed after …” in the procession to the tomb Luke 23:55

    “by the time of the Jews preparations to start” John 19:42

    “That Day was” Luke 23:54a

    “mid-afternoon before the nearing Sabbath” Luke 23:54b “And they returned and prepared spices and ointments and began to rest the Sabbath according to the Commandment.” Luke 23:56

    Proof texts C-group

    “Kill the passover the fourteenth mid-afternoon / late” Exodus 12:6 et al

    “Eat the flesh in that night (late) … before midnight” Exodus 12:8 et al

    “That which remain the next day burn with fire” Exodus 12:10

    Proof texts D-group

    “If thou hang him on a tree his body shall not remain ALL NIGHT but thou shalt bury him that day.” Deuteronomy 21:23

    “Joshua hanged them; and they remained hanging

    [1] late (in the night). And at the time of the coming up

    [2] of the sun, Joshua commanded, they took them down and cast them in the cave and laid great stones in the mouth of the cave.” Joshua 10:26,27

    Note [1] ‘until’ is an error.

    Note [2] “down” is an error.

    Proof texts E-group

    All 12 incidences of 'ha-etsem-ha-yom-hahu' --short, 'etsem yom' - "BONE-DAY" of passover -- essentially have the meaning of "That Selfsame WHOLE DAY", so that Jesus' Day-of-Burial the passover's "BONE-day", "SUBSTANTIALLY" was "the WHOLE-DAY" : "THAT FULL DAY" on which Joseph had BURIED Him.

    For the cause of The Truth I hate to be hugged and love to be hated.


    “~Begin with your own thesis:

    Jesus was not crucified, nor did he die, and nor was he buried on the same day~”

    …is not ‘my’ “~thesis~” ---in no single respect!

    Let the theorizers, let Josheb, and not me, “~explain how scripture, context, and reason~” support “~such a conclusion~”!

    And I, for the cause of The Truth would rather be hated and derided than “~hugged~” or applauded with “~Well done!~”