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Environmental extremists obscure real issues under mountain of bogus rhetoric

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by thisnumbersdisconnected, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. thisnumbersdisconnected

    Apr 11, 2013
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    Highlighting every environmental problem and declaring it the "latest indicator" that we're flushing ourselves and our planet down the toilet in a hand basket will kill any serious consideration of even valid, necessary environmentalism. There are those on this board that try to convince us business and industry doesn't care about anything but profits, won't spend money to take care of the planet, and generally act like the greedy, avaricious capitalists that came to be despised in the early part of last century as nothing more than money-grubbing, slave-driving, overreaching polluters.

    The touters of this viewpoint have more faith in the ability of enviro-nuts, EPA extremists employed by our Marxist "president" and the liberally biased media than they do in Jesus Christ. They constantly preen and fluff their self-righteousness up by pointing out and attempting to ridicule (with no success) those with a more rational approach, a responsible, biblically based approach, while simultaneously claiming that "higher moral, faith-based ground" for themselves and attempting to paint their opposition as being the sociopolitical heirs of those aforementioned early 20th century capitalists. These self-appointed environmental watchdogs tend to spill their irrational thought processes over into politics and legal aspects of how this country works as well, and are equally ill-informed in discussing those concepts as they are in attempting to oversee the environment.

    These illogically reasoning "Christian environmentalists" -- terms I would submit are mutually exclusive of one another -- pay no attention, make no effort, to determine whether or not what they've been told by their amoral, atheist influencers, is real or not. They don't check to see how much the U.S. oil and manufacturing companies spend annually to make their industry so safe that the oil spills and other environmental hazards they love to call attention to, are actually very, very few and far between compared to the events that don't result in spills and environmental disasters.

    Like Canadian environmental activist David Suzuki in the linked article, they claim all knowledge, claim all authority, and claim only they care, only they want what is best for man and his planet. Little do they, or Suzuki, seem to realize that if environmentalism isn't taken seriously in some quarters, the fault is theirs, not ours.

    Yes, there are genuine disasters. The events in West Virginia last month, the BP spill in the Gulf in 2010 -- these prove there are irresponsible, environmentally ignorant companies in the world, companies that do put profits ahead of safety, health and the environment. Thankfully, for every one of these events, there are millions of others of the opposite nature, events that, because of safety precautions, environmental responsibility, and just plain common sense, result in no spills, no hazards, no tainted rivers or lakes, but instead, business as usual, in a safe, rational, environmentally conscious manner.

    We need to help industry and government weed out the bad seeds, by being diligent in letting our representatives know we won't tolerate those that would ignore their responsibilities. At the same time, we need to give the rest of industry a break rather than paint them with the broad brush of contempt engendered by irrational fanaticism that displaces Christian charity, which extends to using the brain God gave us to discern and analyze, rather than reacting with shrill and obvious ignorance of the truth.
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