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EWTN (I think)

Discussion in 'Free-For-All Archives' started by Bro. Curtis, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. Bro. Curtis

    Bro. Curtis <img src =/curtis.gif>

    Oct 25, 2001
    I do watch this channel quite a bit, and have to say that most of what I have heard falls in line with what I think most Catholics believe, plus, the obvious attempts to stay away from the big-budget, overblown miracle shows tells me that the channel cares more about doctrine than money.

    And then I see this dude, HERE and I'm just wondering if his teachings are supported by the RCC. I cannot imagine they are.

    Does EWTN lease out it's time to other faiths ? Because that is what I believe has killed televangelism. Money talks, doctrine walks.

    Would a first time viewer be misled by thinking his teachings are in line with Catholic teaching ?
  2. MikeS

    MikeS New Member

    Feb 7, 2003
    [​IMG] Bro. Curtis watching EWTN! [​IMG]

    As far as this Murdock person, he does look a bit too blow-dried and E-Z-Credit for EWTN. He certainly is not Catholic. He claims he wrote 5000 songs! That's one a day for 15 years! I didn't find him on the EWTN TV listings -- what's the name of his show?

    It might, just might, be that the cable or satellite provider you have doesn't carry EWTN 24 hours a day, but sells a few hours of time to independents like Mr. Wisdom. Look up the TV schedule on his website and see if you can find the show you saw.

    So, Bro. Curtis, don't you just love Fr. Groeschel? And those endearingly frumpy Bogles? [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. CatholicConvert

    CatholicConvert New Member

    Jun 15, 2001
    Brother Curtis --

    I rather appreciate the nice comment regarding EWTN caring more about doctrine than fancy schmansy "miracles" and other kinds of the usual religious TV fare.

    In my area, we do have some programming which comes on Channel 56 which is not EWTN. I think that perhaps there is open air time and the cable network sells it to people, since it is a local Baptist assembly that is on.

    As for the guy in the link:

    "Preached" his first sermon at 8???????

    :eek: :eek:

    What's wrong with that picture?


    Brother Ed
  4. FriendofSpurgeon

    FriendofSpurgeon Well-Known Member

    Feb 24, 2003
    I find it interesting that he has a "School of Wisdom" but we find no information regarding his own education and/or seminary training. How does that happen??

    Unfortunately (on a similar note), I often listen to a local Catholic radio program in the morning rather than the "Evangelical Pop Station." The Catholic program has far more Bible teaching than the talk, talk, Christian pop, weather, talk, traffic, talk, etc. that I hear on the other station.

    (Fortunate for the Catholics that they have this; unfortunate that Protestants have to "entertain.")

    To be "fair and balanced," the evangelical station does have some good teaching later on in the day - John McArthur, Steve Brown and Tony Evans to name a few.
  5. rsr

    rsr <b> 7,000 posts club</b>

    Dec 11, 2001
    In irreverent treatment of Mr. Murdock (who also appears on the Inspiration Network) from The Door magazine.

    Mike Murdock's Wisdom Keys