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FAITH Part 10

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Ztheberean, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. Ztheberean

    Ztheberean New Member

    Nov 27, 2006
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    Part 10

    If your in “your own” faith YOU have to be obedient, discreet, loving, and sober (all in your own strength) (Ts 2:4-6); In Christ’s faith we can ASK God to work these things in us, meaning the truth needs to be worked into us, so that it’s light could come out of us (Jn 3:21).

    Consequently, without our crucifixion with Christ, we cannot have the faith of Christ, and all we can do is frustrate the GRACE of God (Gal 2:20-21); Which creates Christ in us by His gifted workmanship without “our works” so that we would not boast (Eph 2:10-8).

    It is all about us learning “how to” speak sound doctrine, without which we are reprobate teachers towards this good work (Ts 2:1 and 1:16); Those who turn from this truth become defiled, and unbelieving of the truth (Ts 1:14-15), And without “sharp rebukes” these believers cannot be sound in THE FAITH (Ts 1:13).

    This is why subverting teaching should be stopped (Ts 1:11); For these teachers are deceivers who speak vanity (rather than sound doctrine) (1:10); We should be setting forth the faithful words “by sound doctrine” (Ts 1:9), and we do this so that believers might be sober, grave, (serious), and sound in the faith within love, and in patience ((Ts 2:2).

    Are you teaching believers to be sober, and HOW to love, and to be pure (in doctrine), and HOW to be obedient? (Ts 2:4-6)

    Those who are into all of these things ARE also into the doctrine, which shows the pattern of what IS good, incorrupt, serious,, and sincere (Ts 2:7); And this sound speech cannot be condemned (2:8), because the grace of God teaches the doctrine of God (Ts 2:12-10), and this is where the sober controlling influence of God is for the life that we can have in this present world (Ts 2:12).

    This is why the teaching of grace which is of the doctrine of God enables us to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts, so that we could live righteous and godly while looking for our Saviour, Jesus Christ (Ts 2:10-13).

    If Jesus has manifested Himself unto YOU, then you are into His words, because you love Him; and His Father loves you, and both Jesus and the Father are abiding with you (Jn 14:21, 23). The only question is: Do you believe in all of these things? (Jn 14:29).

    Those who DON’T love Him cannot keep His (these) sayings which are of the Father in the sent Son (Jn 14:24). Remember, we can do nothing unless we can abide in Him, and He in us (Jn 15:5); Those who are abiding in Him, have His words abiding in them, so that they can ASK for the Father to be glorified in them as disciples, who have MUCH FRUIT (Jn 15:7-8)


    For those who are good (because God has made them good) can only bring forth that which is good (fruit)(God-moved deeds), but those who are evil (self-motivated) can only bring forth evil (fruit)(Lk 6:45). For in all of these things our joy is full (Jn 15:11).