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Faith Part 4

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Ztheberean, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. Ztheberean

    Ztheberean New Member

    Nov 27, 2006
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    Ignorant believers are not in the faith (Rom 1:13-12); So while we are in “our” faith, we are called to have “the” faith (1:8,5); This is why we need to come from (“our”) faith to (His) faith because this is how the righteousness of God is revealed so that we can live just by (His) faith (Rom 1:17).

    Has this spiritual gift (of grace in its teaching) been imparted unto you? (Rom 1:11); If so then you are being comforted in the faith (1:12); And you have the imparting of it’s wisdom so that you can have it’s understanding. (Job 39:17) Which “understanding” is the holy (Prov 9:10).

    This is why God calls us to be holy as He is holy (1Pet 1:15-16); Believers who are ignorant of these things are in lusts because of disobedience (to have this understanding) (1:14); and we can only have obedience to the faith by (the teaching of) GRACE. (Rom 1:5)

    Do you understand that the truth which makes us free reveals the grace of God?? (Jn 8:32, Col 1:6) Many believers have removed grace from their gospel, and they don’t even see that they ARE cursed because of this (Gal 1:6). What is the gospel that removes grace??

    Jesus death and resurrection for our sins and because of this we can now bring Christ into ourselves (heart) so that we can be saved (Rom 10:6-7); WRONG, this is not the righteousness of faith because “no one” can bring Christ into themselves (10:6-7).

    So you’re probably wondering then HOW does Christ come into us? God (the Father) creates Christ in us by His gifted workmanship so that no one would boast (that they brought Christ into themselves) and, all of this is by “His” grace, and through “His” faith (not our faith) (Eph 2:10-8); This gift of God at work upon His children, needs to be asked for (Jn 4:10).

    This spiritual teaching needs to be imparted unto us (Rom 1:11); because this is the will of God; Without which we are ignorant believers (1:13); and even though we might have a zeal for God, however, it is NOT according to knowledge (Rom 10:2). Why is this??

    Because you are ignorant of the righteousness of God in faith, you are going about to establish “your own form” of righteousness because you have not yet submitted yourself to the righteousness of God (Rom 10:3); This is why it is said that those who can receive those whom God sends unto them can receive Jesus (Mk 9:37, Lk 10:16).

    What does this eloquent messenger look like that is sent to us??(Acts 18:24) He is powerful in the scriptures, and can diligently instruct others in the things of the Lord by expounding the word of God perfectly (Acts 18:24-26); Believers cannot be helped without the reception of this eloquent man (18:27, 24).