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Faith Part 5

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Ztheberean, May 5, 2008.

  1. Ztheberean

    Ztheberean New Member

    Nov 27, 2006
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    Part 5

    Those who are seeking to be justified by Christ, are not found as “sinners” (who think they are saved by grace) Why? Because God (the Father) has forbidden Christ to be the minister of sin (Gal 2:17).

    Believers who are self-justified have done “their own work” to be justified by Christ (Gal 2:16); What does this look like? Many believers “think” that the righteousness of faith can bring Christ into themselves (heart) (Rom 10:6-7); Because they are ignorant of God’s righteousness, they are going about to establish “their own” righteousness because they haven’t submitted themselves to the righteousness of God (through a sent minister who instructs us so that we can be established in the faith, and not ignorant) (Rom 1:11,13 &10:3).

    Sad to say, but many of these believers have a zeal for God, but it’s not according to knowledge (Rom 10:3); So your probably wondering if we really can’t bring Christ into us, how does He get there?

    God (the Father) creates Christ in His children through His gifted workmanship, so that no one would boast (that they brought Him into themselves) (Eph 2:10-8); And this gift of God at work upon us, needs to be asked for (Jn 4:10).

    Another example of God’s workmanship upon His children is “OUR” crucifixion with Christ, so that it would no longer be “US” living ( living for our own selves) but Christ living in us (so that we could live unto God for others), and by going through this crucifying process we can have the faith OF Christ, no longer “our” faith. (Gal 2:20)

    This is why we need to come from (our) faith to (the) faith (of Christ) so that we can live just by His faith (Rom 1:17); Have you asked God to take you through this crucifying process?? If not, all you can do is frustrate (this teaching) of the grace of God (Gal 2:21), which creates Christ in us without our work (Eph 2:10-8).

    This is why it is said that Love can rejoice in the truth that reveals the grace of God (1Cor 13:6, Col 1:6); If you can receive grace (in all of it’s teaching) then you can become obedient to the faith within this doctrine, from your heart (Rom 6:17, 1:5).

    What does this look like? God sends a minister unto you to impart the spiritual gift (of grace in all of it’s teaching) so that you can be established in the faith (Rom 1:11); Without the reception of this sent minister, we remain ignorant, and we cannot be comforted in the faith (Rom 1:11, 13-12).

    This minister can cause disobedient believers to the wisdom of the just so that they can be prepared to serve the Lord (Lk 1:17); How can he do this you ask? This man is eloquent and powerful in the scriptures, and can expound the word of God perfectly (Acts 18:24-26); Those who can receive this minister can be much helped (18:27).

    This is why it is said that those who can receive whom God sends unto them, can also receive Jesus (Mk 9:37, Lk 9:48); Meaning, if you can’t receive the minister whom God sends unto you, you CANNOT receive Jesus, Thus says JESUS (Jn 13:20).