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Faith Part 7

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Ztheberean, May 19, 2008.

  1. Ztheberean

    Ztheberean New Member

    Nov 27, 2006
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    Part 7

    Faith needs (the teaching of) Grace so that we can have obedience in the name of God (Rom 1:5); In this grace from God, and our Lord Jesus Christ, we can have deliverance from evil which is according to the will of God the Father (Gal 1:3-4).

    Do you know what IS evil? If so, then you understand that “OUR WILL” is evil (Jm 4:13 and 16); And self-willed believers are also presumptuous because they are still walking in the lusts of their flesh (which needs to be crucified), and they are not afraid to speak evil of God’s dignities who set forth this truth (2Pet 2:10).

    This is why many believers are wretched, because they still have “their own will” present within them, and they cannot perform anything good so God says “they need deliverance” (Rom 7:24 and 18); Believers who are in “their own will be done” have the devil as their father, because they are in lusts, and error (Jn 8:44).

    Are you in “your own will”? If so, then you are still in “your” faith, rather than the faith of Christ (Rom 1:8); And you need to come from (your) faith to (the) faith (of Christ) so that you could live just by His faith (Rom 1:17).

    Believers who are ignorant of all of these things (Rom 1:13), have not had God send them someone to impart the spiritual gift (of grace in its teaching) so that they can be established in the faith without ignorance (Rom 1:11 and 13).

    We can only have the faith OF Christ providing God (the Father) has crucified “us” with Christ so that it is no longer “US” living (for our selfish desires) but Christ living in us (so that we could live unto God for others) (Gal 2:20).

    Have you ASKED God to take you through this crucifying process so that you could have the faith of Christ? If not, you can only frustrate the grace of God (Gal 2:21) which grace is the gift of God’s workmanship that creates Christ in us so that no one would boast (that they brought Christ into themselves) (Eph 2:10-8).

    This is also known as making the word of God have no effect upon us because of traditions (which are of men, and NOT of God) (Math 15:6, Mk 7:13); rather have God change you so that you can become obedient from your heart through the teaching of this doctrine (Rom 6:17).

    Is the grace of the Lord Jesus with you, or has it been removed? (Gal 6:18, 1:6); If grace has been removed from you, then you believe that the righteousness of faith can bring Christ into people, which is impossible (Rom 10:6-7).

    Even though you have a zeal for God, it is not according to knowledge, because there is ignorance concerning God’s righteousness, and this causes believers to go about to establish “their own” righteousness (By bringing Christ into themselves)(Rom 10:2-3).

    Believers who have not had grace removed from them have the understanding of “HOW” Christ comes into us, wherein God (the Father) creates Christ in us through His gifted workmanship, so that His children would not boast (that they brought Him into themselves) (Eph 2:10-8). (KJV)

    This gift of God’s workmanship upon us, needs to be asked for (Jn 4:10); Those who don’t walk in the way of God are in “their own way”, which is the “abomination of pride” (Ez 16:47 and 49); God can give us a willingness so that we could perform His good, for His good pleasure (Phil 2:13); PROVIDING we are under this kind of instruction (Rom 6:17).

    A willingness to be here is acceptable to God (1 Cor 8:12); Unless you ASK God to make you consider these things that have been prepared for your edification, you can only rebel and stay in the captivity (Ez 12:3-2), of being in the evil of “your own will” be done (Jm 4:13 and 16).

    Have you asked God to grant you mercy so that you can believe these things? (Rom 11:31); If so, then you are being called to repentance, so that you would no longer be a sick sinner (Math 9:13-12, Mk 2:17).

    The “unspeakable gift of God” (2Cor 9:15), is God’s workmanship upon us by His grace, so that we can be saved without boasting (in what we do) (Eph 2:10-8). Is the goodness of God leading you to repentance? (Rom 2:4)