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FAITH Part 9

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Ztheberean, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Ztheberean

    Ztheberean New Member

    Nov 27, 2006
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    The Lord Jesus said, that those who receive whom He has sent unto them shall “receive the Father who sent Christ” (Jn 13:20); Have you had the spiritual gift imparted unto you by someone so that you could be established in the faith? (Rom 1:11-12); Without which we are ignorant (1:13).

    For we must come from (our) faith to (the) faith (of Christ), if we are going to live just by His faith (Rom 1:17);Reject these words, and you reject Jesus (Jn 14:48); The truth reveals the grace of God (at work) (Col 1:6); Which love can rejoice in (1Cor 13:6).

    Are you ignorant of the righteousness which is of God? If so, then you have gone about to establish “your own” righteousness rather than subjecting yourself under the righteousness of God because of ignorance (Rom 10:3).

    These kind of “self-established” believers have a zeal for God, but it’s not according to knowledge. Why is this? Because ignorance has caused these believers to believe that people can bring Christ into themselves, (by their prayer, which is impossible) (Rom 10:6-7)

    Have you humbly asked God to open up your understanding of these scriptures? If so, then He will. (Lk 24:45) Do you understand “how” Christ comes into His people? If so, then you know that God (the Father) “creates” Christ in us by His gifted workmanship of grace upon us so that no one would boast (that they brought Christ into themselves) (Eph 2:10-8)

    Are these truths being manifested unto you? If not, whoever is teaching you is mishandling the word of God (2Cor 4:2); Those who cannot receive the mercy of this ministry which is manifesting the truth (for the edification of others) the god of this world is blinding their minds so they can’t believe this message so that the light of Christ could shine unto them. (2Cor 4:1-4)

    Are you asking God to change you by His grace? (2Cor 3:18, Eph 4:17), OR are you being changed (by men) which is by the Law? (2Cor 3:18, Rom 13:3). Grace is where the Spirit is (2Cor 3:17); AND where the ministry IS (2Cor 4:1); Which merciful ministry manifests the truth of the glory of God so that some could believe (2Cor 4:1-2, 6, 4-3).

    This is the written word that we are to believe and speak providing we are in the same spirit of faith (2 Cor 4:13). Are you of the edification that ministers grace unto its hearers? (Eph 4:29); Without which the Holy Spirit is grieved (4:30). This is the edification which is of love itself (Eph 4:16).

    Are you teaching these things? (4:21); Then you know that (by Him) we can “put off” the old man which is corrupt because of deceitful lusts and “put on” the new man providing we are being renewed by the Spirit (in this knowledge) (Eph 4:22-24); Without which all we can have is the evil speaking (which is self-motivated) that is of the corrupt communication (4:31&29). The corrupt communication is without the good communication of grace (4:29). Love speaks the truth of all these things (4:15)

    Those who cannot be taught the truth in Jesus, cannot hear in Christ (4:21-20); Meaning of HOW we are created “in Christ” (Eph 2:10); Those who cannot thus hear; and be taught this truth are alienated from the life of God through their ignorance. Wherein their ability to understand is darkened, because a blindness has come upon their hearts (4:18).

    My purpose is to make all of “these things” known unto you (Eph 6:22); Through the spiritual gift (of grace in its teaching) so that you can be established in the faith (Rom 1:11); Without which you are ignorant of the fact that you need to come from (your) faith to (the) faith (of Christ) so that you can live “just” by His faith (Rom 1:13 & 16). Do you have your faith (Rom 1:8) OR the faith of Christ?

    Those who still have “their” faith (which are many) have not been crucified with Christ, so that “THEY” would no longer be living (for their own selves) but Christ living in them (so that they could live unto God for others) (Gal 2:20) Have you asked God to take you through this crucifying process?

    If not, all you can do is frustrate the grace of God which creates Christ in us through His gifted workmanship so that (His children) would not boast (that they brought Christ into themselves, see Rom 10:6-7) (Eph 2:10-8); AND this gift of God’s work upon us, needs to be ASKED for. (Jn 4:10).