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Fandamental history and orthodox - sad closure to the topic

Discussion in 'Fundamental Baptist Forum' started by agedman, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. agedman

    agedman Well-Known Member
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    Nov 4, 2011
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    I read with interest the thread “Questions for Fundamentalists (Civil Discussion Only) that was recently closed.

    Some of the folks that posted reminded me of the trips the family took in the summer.

    As we wound our way along through the Appalachian Mountains (before the interstates were built during the Eisenhower presidency) it came to pass that I would happen to be sitting on the side that was next to the mountain. Not a lot to see from that side. Not a thrill. Miles and miles of sucking black smoke from overburdened trucks making slower and slower progress up the sides in the treacherous trek was torturously tedious in itself, and the lack of mental stimulation to me was unbearably brutal. Besides, I was easily car sick.

    Occasionally, my exuberance at my older brother’s view of the drop off into the misty valley, would overcome my good sense and I’d lean over his lap for a better look see.

    Anyone who has siblings may easily imagine the result of such impetuosity.

    My father, steering with one hand, would attempt to swat down the escalating war in the back seat.

    I don’t know which was more threatening, the hand of my brother pounding on me, the hand of my father waving dangerously close to successful contact, or the hand of fear gripping me as the enormity of a plunge into the valley became ever more certain if my dad didn’t get his mind back on the real purpose of him sitting in the driver’s seat.

    That tread further reminded me how distorted a person’s view might become. Consider, if he (my brother) and I each diarized what was seen.

    I saw the mountain with various shades of slanted rock from which occasionally trickles of water slithered down. In comparison, my brother’s view was of beauty and wonder.

    That, which I desired to see, I could only get an occasional glimpse, and that which he enjoyed was in stark contrast to mine and easily grasp his attention and imagination. Yet, we were on the same journey, heading the same direction, enclosed in the same hope and promise of security entrusted into the designs, word and work of others who were far more wise, schooled and skilled than he and I at the time.

    In my opinion, the thread needed a much more engaged “dad” that kept the peace by swatting down inappropriate discord, and yet allowed the journey to continue.

    It was a good thread, and could certainly have presented a huge amount of collaborative, yet diverse, thinking and research. I was saddened to see the topic stray.

    Perhaps a moderator’s job should be more than ending the journey, but take time to make a few “swats” along the journey’s way. Perhaps, as my papa would occasionally do, pause the car (thread), let us all get out and stretch our legs for a while, gaze at the scenery, and then continue.

    I wanted to see more of the thinking on “the line of Baptists that were never part of the Historic Christian Church.”

    I wanted to witness and view the thinking (understanding) of just how the early Catholic views, that were most certainly modified and marred by the Romanist, set the forth the important orthodoxy that should be held in the modern age.

    I would have liked to see links of a timeline developed that explored the early divergence of what was held as doctrinally sound that resulted in splinter groups which may or may not have been the catalyst part in the start of the “great game changers” (Martin Luther, John Huss, John Calvin, and others ) of the reformation age.

    I know there are books on the subject, but it is far more fun to peak in and even participate with those who have more in depth knowledge. Most of us are just too busy to dig out and separate the biases on our own.
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  2. glfredrick

    glfredrick New Member

    Aug 5, 2010
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    Good luck with that around here (and my use of the word "luck" is intentional as it is antithetical to anything biblical!). :1_grouphug:
  3. TCassidy

    TCassidy Administrator

    Mar 30, 2005
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    Agedman, I too was hoping for just such an informative discussion. Unfortunately our brothers from both sides seemed more inclined to name calling and other childish behavior than engaging in honest, adult discourse.

    I too remember those trips across country prior to the age of the interstate. From Los Angeles to a small Illinois town about 100 miles west of Chicago. Mom. Dad. My two older brothers, my two older sisters, me and our cat who did not like traveling. All in a 1948 Buick Roadmaster. The year was 1949. No air conditioning in cars in those days for the trip across the Mohave Desert. No direct route over the Rocky Mountains. Miles and miles of switch backs. A trip I will never forget!

    Two adults, 5 kids, and an angry cat. All in one hot, uncomfortable car. Kind of like the thread in question! :D:D