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Fightin' Words and Works of the Flesh

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by preacher4truth, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. preacher4truth

    preacher4truth New Member

    Nov 18, 2010
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    I’ll be the first to admit I can be caustic. I am also passionate, and like you, not perfect. I repent of anything I’ve said that has offended anyone on this site. All who will not accept this, let them remain where they are in an unforgiving state, no problem on this end, as I move forward.

    That said, keep in mind that your unforgiving spirit and bitterness only effect you, and not the one you are angry with. Think about it.

    However, I will not back down on any belief I have, nor of my stance on DoG, Reformed Theology, it’s ALL God, & c, nor will I tip-toe around, nor walk on eggshells due to relentless attacks on what I believe from those here on the BB. I'm not intimidated in the slightest.

    I want to now change gears and ask the following to be thought out, prayerfully.

    The following phrases are, to my belief, unnecessary on the BB, and probably in life, and I will attempt myself to limit and/or exclude them from my vocabulary on here.

    Here they are:

    "Baloney." "Nonsense." "Nonsensical." "False." "Incorrect." "Wrong!" "False Accusations" (which is "you're lying") "Misrepresentation." "Misrepresenting." “So what you are really saying.” “Are you saying?” "Lying." “You’re twisting” (which happens constantly, but why be dragged into a fight?) “You can’t grasp it.” “You can’t interpret Scripture.” “Go study!” “You’re eisegetical!” “False teaching!” “You’re blind!” “Caustic.” “Prove it.” “Where did I say that?” “You’re clueless!” “Are you saying…..!!!?” “Go and learn!!!” “That’s just your opinion!!!” “You need to study it more.” “Do you understand that???” "I doubt you get this!!!" "You can't understand!!!" "I doubt you'll grasp this."

    There is certainly much more that can be added to this list.

    Some disclaimers here. Sometimes, and that is the exception, some of the above need to be said, since we see in many threads that some will come along and put words in the mouths of others, things they have clearly not stated. Other than that, most of this, in my opinion, is unnecessary.

    Another thing, there is some of the above that need to never be said. Let your own testimony and personal wisdom be your guide.

    Sure, some will find a flaw or loophole in what I’ve said. That’s OK. My intentions are not to fight, but to walk with God and examine myself and for others, perhaps, to do the same.

    However, most of the above statements are made, clearly, in a malicious attempt to malign someone. These are clearly works of the flesh. There is no excuse for this when we are instructed to put these things off.

    I humbly suggest that we, as professing believers, can do way better than this on the BB.

    I pray that all who turn this thread into ugly, personal attacks be convicted of this and get their personal walk with God in line.

    Anything you can add to the list, please, prayerfully do so in love.

    - Grace and Peace to all His
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