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First Priority

Discussion in 'Youth Forum' started by Guapo, Mar 5, 2002.

  1. Guapo

    Guapo Guest

    We recently began to have the program "First Priority" at our school. For those of you who may not know what it is its basically an outreach group that has 4 different stages called FISH. Focus, Inspire, Share, and Hook. Hook week is where you get the person that you have been praying for to come and you tell them about God and what he has done for you and whatnot. Anyway, we would like to know how we can make it a more successful program. Do you have any suggestions?
  2. I guess besides praying and having the right motive and method, you could try to find out what makes your target people tick and if possible provide activities that would cater to their interest. It might be a sportsftest, a play or whatever, then after they had their fun and they already feel welcome to you and your group, keep on following up on them.
  3. Brother Adam

    Brother Adam New Member

    Jul 31, 2001
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    Hello Guapo!

    First Priority is an excellent program. When I was in high school a couple of years ago I was a member of our leadership committee and worked with the district leader. (you can make them very happy by turning in your meeting review sheet weekly [​IMG] ).

    As far as making it more successful- Prayer is a very important part of that process as I'm sure you already know. Also- depending on the size of your group- don't try to do anything bigger than your group can handle. We averaged about 10-12 people in our group. If you are thinking success in terms of evangelism or within the group, I'm not sure, you'll have to clarify that more.

    However, let me share one amazing experience with you. One week that I was leading the lesson, I decided to take a giant sheet of colored paper and we made a poster (about 2.5'x8') that said "Praise the Lord" in giant letters. We then posted our meeting times and who were were at the bottom. You'd be shocked at how fast that got conversations started in a public school!

    First Priority changed my life on a spiritual and social level. I came out of a shell I had been hiding in throughout high school (I was extemely shy), and it helped me become a stronger Christian, as God used that group to convict me the music I was listening to was sinful (Limp Bizkit)- we had a CD smashing party- that was fun! lol.

    Always though- keep Prayer #1. It is the Holy Spirit who will change lives.

    God's Blessings as you continue to grow in Him.