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Free Abridged BDB for you Hebrew scholars

Discussion in 'Computers & Technology Forum' started by OldShepherd, Jun 12, 2003.

  1. OldShepherd

    OldShepherd New Member

    Jun 8, 2003
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    The Abridged Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew-English Lexicon of the Old Testament is available for download at Logos for $0.00


    It is not the complete BDB but I think quite adequate for almost anything, perhaps except a Doctoral thesis. It allows you do do things like this. I will have to tell you how to do the Hebrew, and the Greek, on the forum

    III עלם (olam)עלום (olam) n.m. long duration, antiquity, futurity - 1. of past time: a. ancient time: ymy olam days of old; am olam ancient people; hrbwt olam old waste places; ptkhy olam, ancient gates; mn (m)olam, from of old, of the fathers, the prophets, the ancient bhm olam: nplym, long in them. b. mty olam , the long dead. c. of God, molam : former acts; as redeemer; of love, judgment, dominion; long silence; his wisdom personif.; his existence. d. of things: gba'wt olam, ancient hills. e. pl. a'wlmym shnwt, years of ancient times;a'lmym, in olden times. 2. a. indef. futurity, c. prep. for ever, always (sts. = during the lifetime); a'bd a'wlm, slave for ever; a'bd lolam, serve for ever; g'alt olam, redemption at any time; hrt olam, ever pregnant (womb); klmt olam of persecutors of Jeremiah; shlwy olam, alway at ease; (yhyh) yhy lolam, may the king live always; so of the pious; other phr.; olam 'ashyrh, I will sing for ever (as long as I live); other emotions and activities continuous throught life.b. = continuous existence, (1) of things: the earth; other phr., heavens and contents, ruined cities, ruined lands; la'd a'd olam, for a witness for ever, in a book; (2) of nations: (Babylon loqu.); yshb lolam, of Judah; (3) families; the dynasty of Saul; house of Eli; (4) national relations: 'aybt olam, continual enmity; of exclusion from a'd olam, qhl ylam; various relations; khrpt olam, perpetual reproach, of dynasty of David, families. c. of divine existence: hy holam; hy 'anky lolam; 'alhy olam; 'al olm; of divine name, zh shmy lolam; blessing and praise of it; of YHWH himself; attributes, 'ahbh; reign; presence in Zion; his salvation; zra't olam, everlasting arms. d. of God's covenant: bryt olam, everlasting covenant; covenant with Noah, ld r t olam 5; God remembers it; will not break it, יע. e. of God's laws; temple to bear God's name, עד יע consecrated; its ceremonies; Levit. priesthood; Aaronic priesthood. f. of God's promises: his word, mwqy, לעד promised dynasty of David; of holy land; given לעד, inherited לעד dwelt in לע a'd; other blessings; Jerus. to abide לעד. g. of relations between God and his people, לעד. h. of Messianic dynasty and king: לעד having divine throne; name endures; established; God blesses him; of his reign. i. = indefinite, unending future: live לעד wyhy ya'lh sy'aybnh the prophets, can they live for ever; c. neg. never. j. after death. k. = age (duration) of the world: t'a sblb ntn mla'h ta the age of the world he hath set, etc. 1. pl. intens. everlastingness, eternity. m. special phr.: (nm) mlwa'(h) da'w mlwa'(h) m from everlasting to everlasting, of a'y, a'y dskh; benedictions; the land given; mlwa' da'w hta'm from now and for ever (i.e. as long as one lives); of people's hope in God; dynasty of David; of God's acts, words, etc.; v. further I. da'

    ¹Whitaker, R., Brown, F., Driver, S. (. R., & Briggs, C. A. (. A. 1997, c1906. The Abridged Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew-English Lexicon of the Old Testament : From A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament by Francis Brown, S.R. Driver and Charles Briggs, based on the lexicon of Wilhelm Gesenius. Edited by Richard Whitaker (Princeton Theological Seminary). Text provided by Princeton Theological Seminary. (electronic ed.) . Logos Research Systems, Inc.: Oak Harbor WA.
  2. Sherrie

    Sherrie New Member

    Jul 28, 2002
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    Thank you. I have bookmarked it in my favorites and will check it all out tomorrow.

    God Bless