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Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by eloidalmanutha, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. eloidalmanutha

    eloidalmanutha New Member

    Apr 24, 2005
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    Christ Inspired

    You are the Potter and I am the clay –
    Lord, mold me in your own special way.
    Twenty years I’ve lost to the street –
    Thanks to You, the devil didn’t defeat.
    My battle scarred body’s worn and tired
    I’m now living a life – Jesus Christ Inspired.

    God’s True Blessing

    O God of mercy, love and grace
    I long to look into Your face.
    In gratitude for blessings free
    That out of love You’ve given me.

    I’d take for granted every day
    Much of the good You send my way
    Guidence, help, answered prayer,
    Strength, comfort, Your loving care.

    I stand in awe of all you do
    Whatever I have, I owe to You.
    All that I will ever be
    Depends upon the grace You’ve given me.

    You’ve saved me, O Lord, from all my sins.
    Please make my heart pure, and cleanse me within.
    Confessing to You what I’ve done wrong,
    Restore now my joy – to You I belong.

    Instrument for God

    I’m an instrument for God in so many ways,
    He paved the way for brighter days.
    If only I trust letting Him lead,
    He’ll bring music to poems as you read.
    I write what I feel inside of me
    Painting a picture with words for you to see.
    I can’t express myself better in any other way,
    It’s gift from God Who gets the glory every day.
    I will not criticize or misuse it,
    Only uplift, encourage as I see fit.
    So thank you, Jesus, for all that You do,
    Hoping You enjoy the melody from me to You.

    Jeffery S Raiford
    Federal Correctional Institution
    Ashland, Kentucky

    Jeff is also a Jew who has been converted to belief in Jesus Christ as his Messiah.