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Genesis 7:15-16 and waiting for God...

Discussion in '2004 Archive' started by number, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. number

    number New Member

    Jul 28, 2004
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    I'd like some opinions on Genesis 7:15-16 when Noah was collecting the animals in the boat. More than the actual scripture, I'm interested in the comment that I got from my Bible (new living translation) :
    "Did Noah and his sons spend years in collecting all the animals? In reality the creation, along with Noah, was doing just as God had commanded. There seemed to be no problem gathering the animals - God took care of the details of that job while Noah was doing his part by building the boad as God asked him. Often we do just the opposite of Noah. We worry about details over which we have no control, while neglecting specific areas (such as attitudes, relationships, responsibilities) that are under our control. Like Noah, concentrate on what God has given you, and leave the rest to God."
    The reason why this comment is very important to me is because I'm in a crucial point in the relationship with my girlfriend. (We're deciding whether I should moving to be close to her and start a more serious relationship)

    And to me, that comment means that we don't have to worry about details over which we have no control, and these details are the fact that me and my gf don't live in the same country and we have a different backgrounds. We can not change them. God has to take care about them.
    The only thing on which we have control is that if we want to bring our relationship to a next level, I have to go to the USA for a while so we can see if there is something that becomes more permanent.

    Also, I think that "Leaving the details to God" has less to do with hoping that God will work things out the way you want them to and more to do with trusting Him to provide necessary grace, come what may. So maybe we can't allow our faith to become an excuse for inaction.
    I also believe that we do have a lot of control over our lives. "Leave the rest up to God" seems like an excuse for inaction. We have to do all we can until no matter how hard we try we can do no more.
    Can we say that we can't expect God to help us. God's grace is something we should be thankful for each and every time but never expect it?

    What do you guys think?
    thank you for reading