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Discussion in 'Baptist Theology & Bible Study' started by Jeep Dragon, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. Jeep Dragon

    Jeep Dragon Member
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    Aug 9, 2006
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    A simple yet indepth question for all points of view... Does God HATE Sin?

    What exactly is sin?

    We would all agree that God cannot sin, because He cannot do something that He Himself hates and is contrary to His own will and desires. Thus (with the use of logic) one could conclude that sin is anything against God's will.

    How can sin exist?
    We do know that a man brough sin into the world. We know that sin is an offence to God. Or else God would not have expected constant sacrifices of innocent animals and His own innocent Son to pay the penalty and relieve His wrath against sin.

    How can we be forgiven of sin?
    We do know that throughout the Bible, we get forgiveness of sins by confessing them to God.

    Is there an unpardonable sin?
    I don't understand what this passage means, but I might assume that if it is referring to Salvation, than rejecting the Holy Spirit's conviction to believe in Jesus would be an unpardonable sin.

    I've heard some hyper-ists claim that God uses sin for His glory. Such an idea makes me nervous. I would say that God absolutely cannot stand sin, yet His longsuffering...ness allows Him to hold off His judgment.

    I am curious to hear from any and all viewpoints. What is sin and how does God view sin? Does God use sin for His glory or is sin something completely against His will? If God truely cannot tolerate sin, how can it exist if it is contrary to His will and desires. How can a perfect Holy God cause sin if He cannot sin?
  2. Jarthur001

    Jarthur001 Active Member

    Jun 16, 2005
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    Hello Jeep Dragon,


    Sin is shown in two ways in the Bible. One I call the "sin principle" under hamartiolgy. This is the same thing as "sin nature" under anthropology. The pharse used depends on how it is applied.

    The 2nd way sin is shown in the Bible is by expression. The sin act itself.

    As to what sin is...

    Sin is show as a path away from God. This holds both with the sin principle and the sin expression

    Agreed. If the act was Gods will, it would not be sin.

    The sin principle came about when Satan took this path away from Gods will, saying "I will" be like the most high. Satan became the father of sin and still has the power to temp man down the sin path. Man cannot follow two masters. You must take one path toward God, or the other path away from God.

    God gave Adam a choice and a freewill to choose. Adams eyes were blind to the evil path. God made Adam and "it was good". God in short order said...Adam you can do anything you want be eat from one tree. Now Adam, if you eat from that tree, you are saying you want your will over my will.

    Adam ate from the tree..going away from Gods will and down the evil path into sin. This opened his eyes to the sin path and Adam fell taking on a controling sin nature that blinded him from the truth.

    How can we be forgiven of sin?
    Only by the blood of the atonement of Christ.

    Believers are told to confess their sins to restore followship.

    Yes..Not taking Christ as Lord.

    We need to handle this with care, but it is clear that God can use a Sin to bring glory to Him. Yet God never makes people sin. Man is drawn into sin with their own lust.

    In Christ...James


    Jul 14, 2006
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    Not much to add here, you Guys have pretty well covered it. Amen to both of you.