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God Moments

Discussion in '2005 Archive' started by TexasSky, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. TexasSky

    TexasSky Guest

    Sunday, God sort of "stepped forward," and said, "See, I was making plans to help you today, decades ago," and it has me thinking about "God moments" in my life.

    Let me share Sunday's with you.

    I live in "Tornado Alley". My city is one of the top 10 places in the US most likely to be hit by a tornado. Sunday I was with my sister's family returning from a reunion in a city 9 hours away from here. We were on a highway, still several hours from home, but definately already in the alleyway.

    1) Over 25 years ago I was required to take a science class that was supposed to teach tutonic plates and such things, but the professor was a world reknowned expert on tornadic winds, and helped develop the wind-cannon to test tornado behavior and help design structures strong enough to survive them. Instead of teaching tutonic plates, he taught weather to us for about four months.
    2) Sunday - driving home from the reunion, we were headed north and noticed some odd clouds associated with a storm in front of us. As we were talking about the lightening, I got a sudden image of that man and a slide show presentation he did in class, describing the very cloud I was watching.
    3) Telling my sister it reminded me of Dr. **'s class, instantly told her it dealt with tornados. What are the odds that your sibling will remember who taught your freshman college class? We NEVER listen to the radio in the car anymore. We either sing or listen to CD's, so the radio was tuned to our hometown, not any highway town, except, when she turned it on to try to pick up a radio report it was tuned into the local station, and just as a weather alert sounded telling people on Highway I20, near the city we had just left, to take cover because a tornado was 15 miles north of the city, moving south. We were not on I20, we are, though, at the intersection of our highway and I20, headed north, right into the tornado.
    4) We turned around, and following what I had been taught all those years ago in that class, made our way at certain angles to avoid the storm, but all the buildings were closed. My sister turned down a winding road, and was about to make a right turn when my son said, "No, left." We looked back and asked why, and he said, "I don't know, but don't go right." I looked over my shoulder to talk to him, because "left" was "dirt road," and "right" was pavement, and saw lightening behind a cloud just as a wall cloud dropped, the next lightening strike illuminated a huge tornado.
    5) We found shelter in a store, and listened as the radio reported a second torando. We were under a supercell with one torndao, in the air, located 3 miles southwest of us, headed northeast, and another now 10 miles northeast of us, headed southwest. For two hours they stayed in the air, and then they just vanished.
    6) When we got home several hours later, I opened up the board, and saw a PM from a member of this board telling me that the Lord had placed me on their heart to pray for that morning.

    What are your God moments?
  2. jdcanady

    jdcanady New Member

    Apr 18, 2005
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    A few months after Jesus saved me, my son (just shy of 4 years old) got strep throat. He was in a terrific amount of pain. The doctors gave gave him a shot, anti-biodics and liquid codine for the pain. He could only take the codine once every 6 hours.

    About 3 hours after the first dose, he came to me in tears, asking for more of the medicine. He was in obvious pain. I told him I couldn't give him anymore right then, and without thinking, I asked him if he wanted to pray to Jesus and ask Him to take away the pain. He said "OK", got on his knees and prayed a very simple prayer, asking Jesus to take away the pain.

    I immediately wanted to kick myself because I felt I was going to have to explain to him why Jesus didn't take away the pain.

    When he finished praying, he immediately got up and went off to play. I kind of sratched my head but was glad he wasn't crying anymore. I guessed the act of praying was helpful.

    When it was time for the next dose, I called him to the kitchen. He said, "I don't need it, my throat don't hurt no more." I looked in his mouth, and his throat was just as infected with pus filled sores as it had been before. I said, "That doesn't hurt?" He said, "No, Jesus made it not hurt no more."

    I remembered the scripture that said we should have faith as a little child and I was quite ashamed that I doubted while telling my son to seek God in prayer.

    He didn't take anymore of the pain medicine after that. By the way, he got exactly what he asked for. He didn't asked to be healed, just that the pain would go away. I praise God when I think of it.