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GOD'S Acceptance Part 2

Discussion in 'Pastoral Ministries' started by Ztheberean, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. Ztheberean

    Ztheberean New Member

    Nov 27, 2006
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    Part 2

    Those who are ignorant of God’s righteousness don’t understand that they cannot be established by “their own selves”, so instead they are into self-righteousness (Rom 10:3); Believers who are this self-willed are also presumptuous, because they speak evil against this truth which God’s dignities set forth (2Pet 2:10).

    Those who are self-willed are secretive diggers who are against others (Gen 49:6); These are cursed for their anger, and because they are cruel believers, God is going to divide them (49:7); Those who are self-willed (are into their own acceptance of God) are the teachers of damnable heresies, because they deny the (acceptance) of the LORD (2Pet 2:10&1).

    What does God say? “I will have mercy and compassion to whom I choose” (Rom 9:15); Again it is not of “our own will” (that we choose God) but of God who shows mercy (9:16); Therefore God will have mercy on whom He will have mercy, and whom He will He hardens (9:18).

    All of this is because without God giving people understanding of all of these things, they cannot be converted (God gifting repentance) unto being healed (becoming Christian) (Acts 28:27, Math 13:15, Jn 12:40); I hope you will not speak evil of the things that you don’t understand in the word of God, or you too shall utterly perish in your corrupt acceptance (2Pet 2:12).

    This is why believers should not be self-willed, which causes presumption, because they become unruly (Ts 1:7-6); This is defined as being against the faith of God’s elect, which can acknowledge that the truth is after godliness (1:1); God calls “our own will” EVIL (Jm 4:13&16).

    It does not matter what people believe, because God Himself says that those who are self-willed have the devil as their father all because of lusts (Jn 8:44); Believers who still have “their own will” present within them, cannot perform any good (God moved deeds) (Rom 7:18); These are wretched believers who need deliverance (7:24).

    Believers who are self-willed are presumptuous, because they will NOT listen to the ministers of the Lord who would otherwise show these “self-willed” people HOW evil (their self-moved actions) are put away from them (Deut 17:12); Faithful believers are to hear; AND fear so that they could learn how to not be presumptuous (17:13).

    Are you willing to learn HOW you can be crucified with Christ, so that it would no longer be “YOU” living your life (for your own self in your own will), But Christ living in you (so that you could live unto God for others)?? (Gal 2:20); If not, then all you can do is only frustrate the grace of God (2:21); That creates Christ in us see Eph 2:10-8) AND you will continue to think that you can be (self) justified by Christ, therefore calling yourself a “sinner” (because you think your saved by grace); and this is because you don’t understand that calling yourself a sinner, makes Jesus the minister of sin, which GOD (the Father) has “forbidden” Christ to be (Gal 2:17).

    Can you hear and consider these words enough to ASK God to help you quietly meditate and study them so that your profiting of them can be shown unto others? (1Tim 4:15); Only foolish people, and unlearned believers question this teaching (2Tim 2:23-24).

    We can only be recovered from the snare of the devil’s will (our own will) PROVIDING we are under this kind of instruction (which in the process of time), God grants repentance so that we can acknowledge this truth (2Tim 2:25-26); And this kind of instruction comes from a SENT servant who is a patient teacher (2:24). And THIS is so that these believers don’t stay foolish and unlearned, because they are learning “how” to flee their lusts, so that they could follow after peace, love (that edifies others in the truth), and righteousness with those who call upon the Lord out of a pure heart (2Tim 2:22). All of this truth can make us free, providing we KNOW it (Jn 8:32).

    The truth presents the work of God which needs to be manifested by those who are the light of this world (Jn 9:35); Without this manifestation of God at work, you might think that you have a ministry, however the word of God that you are teaching is being handled deceitfully, because you are without this knowledge of the glory of God. (2Cor 4:1-2, & 6).

    Believers/Pastors who are in the “horrible thing” (twisting the scriptures, because of a lack of understanding) are in lies which strengthen evil doers (self-willed believers see 2Pet 2:10), all the way into the wickedness that was in Sodom and Gomorrah (Jer 23:14). This is to be in the gall of being fed the perverting (of God’s word into) wormwood (23:15).

    Example: Pastors/believers who remove grace (God at work for our salvation, Not just Jesus) from their gospel are cursed (Gal 1:6); How do you know if you are in lies? You were told in the beginning when you first believed in Jesus, that you could bring Christ into yourself (or heart) (Rom 10:6-7); However this is not the righteousness which is of faith (10:6).

    Only ignorant believers go about to establish their own selves (in this lie) because they have not “learned how” to subject themselves to the righteousness of God (Rom 10:3); consequently these ignorant believers have a zeal for God but it’s NOT according to knowledge (10:2).

    So you’re probably asking yourself if we can’t bring Christ into ourselves, HOW does He get there? God (the Father’s) gift to His children is that He creates Christ in us by His workmanship so that no one could boast (that they brought Him into themselves) (Eph 2:10-8); And this gift of God’s workmanship upon us needs to be asked for (Jn 4:10).

    Only vain believers/pastors pervert these words of God because they despise this God (who works, rather then us working) (Eph 2:10); Fools hate this knowledge, and they mock at those who have it/ learning it (Prov 1:22); But distress and trouble are going to overwhelm them (1:27).

    God gives the wisdom of this knowledge in all of it’s understanding to His faithful ones (Prov 2:6 & 8); Which understanding of wisdom is said to be more precious than rubies (3:13-15); This is why God says that we are to do whatever it takes to BUY wisdom, instruction, and understanding (Prov 23:23).