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GOD'S Acceptance Part 3

Discussion in 'Pastoral Ministries' started by Ztheberean, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Ztheberean

    Ztheberean New Member

    Nov 27, 2006
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    ACCEPTANCE Strong’s Hebrew # 7522
    Is all about God’s acceptance, so that we can do His will, and be under His favor.

    Acceptance: is also translated as the will of God ((Ps 40:8); Without the knowledge of the doctrine of God in Christ, we cannot do the will of God (Jn 7:17); Do you know what the doctrine of God in Christ is??

    Even Jesus did not do His own will, but the will of God who sent Him (Lk 22:42); Believers who have true faith towards God are learning HOW to lay the foundation of repentance in the doctrine of Christ, so that they could go on to perfection (the born again experience) (Heb 6:1). (KJV)

    All of this can only be done, IF we have God’s permission (6:3); Why? Because God chooses whom He will have compassion and mercy upon, and others He hardens (Rom 9:15-16, 18); God has the power (not us) to make some vessels of honor, and others vessels of dishonor (9:21).

    Because God wants His power known, He endures with much longsuffering the vessels of wrath (dishonor), so that He would make known His vessels of mercy which were prepared before for His glory (Rom 9:22-23).

    Did you ever think about all the believers who think they are saved but are not, because they can’t do the will of God?? God has not sent Jesus to bless them by turning them from ALL their iniquities, therefore JESUS DOES NOT KNOW THEM. (Mat 7:21-24, Acts 3:26)

    Who is laboring in your life with this teaching, because GOD is working mightily in them?? (Col 1:28-29); This mystery has been hidden for generations, but is now being manifested to us by His saints (1:26). (that’s deep)

    These ministers are given to us to show us HOW the word of God is being fulfilled (Col 1:25); Without listening to these ministers, we are not able to continue in the faith so that we can be grounded (in the truth) and settled (in the love that edifies others in the truth) (1:23).

    Do you understand that God’s mercy calls sinners (churchy people) to repentance? (Math 9:13); If so, then you also know that the only way people are shown mercy (to believe these things) is through our mercy (by teaching these things because we have learned them) so that they might obtain mercy from GOD. (Rom 11:31).

    Is God working in you to make you labor in His word so that you can be accepted by Him?? (Jn 6:27, Col 1:29, Heb 4:11-12, 1Thess 4:11 KJV) If so, then you understand that this instruction is the way which is ministered, to those who are going to enter into the everlasting kingdom. (2Pet1:11).

    Hint: If you’re not doing this good, which I have explained, your in sin just like Eve, and the curse when she sinned, which is over all women (until their crucifixion with Christ see Gal 2:20) is that they have the desire to rule over their men, which means your not accepted by God yet (Gen 4:7). (I still have to die to this daily, because occasionally I wake up with a different spirit, and my husband has to remind me, bless him, lol)

    The question is: DO YOU WANT GOD TO MAKE YOU ACCEPTABLE UNTO HIM? If so, then you need to ask Him to make you willing, because if God makes you willing first, then He will cause you to perform these good things for His good pleasure, and THIS is acceptable to Him (2 Cor 8:1, Phil 2:13).

    No one can serve God acceptably without godly fear (Heb 12:28); And the fear of the Lord is to hate the evil in all of it’s pride that “believes” we can come to God in OUR OWN WAY, WILL AND WORK. (Prov 8:13-14).

    The truth reveals the GRACE of God at work (Col 1:6); and without subjecting ourselves to this teaching of GRACE, God says that we are in ABOMINATION because we are IN “OUR OWN WILL BE DONE” (Ez 16:47, cf Ts 2:11-12).