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Golden Gate BTS's Fully Online Master's Program

Discussion in 'Baptist Colleges & Seminaries' started by Rhetorician, Aug 18, 2012.

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    Feb 1, 2005
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    Hello all:

    There is talk in another thread of ATS's movement towards accrediting of online programs. Here is a hyperlink to the new Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary's (SBC) new online Master of Theological degree program. :applause:


    Now let me, if I may, give a strong word of exhortation to all who might (and some who have) throw up excuses for doing quality, accredited, reasonably priced, advanced theological education; all of your excuses have been canceled:

    1. You do not have to leave a good paying job.

    2. You do not have to move your family across the country.

    3. You can stay in your good church home.

    4. You can carry on "in the ministry" where you have been planted.

    5. The price is reasonable enough so most (I would assert all) can afford it.

    6. Some of you want a short route.

    7. Some of you want an easy route.

    8. Some want credentials and titles without the hard, grunt, back-breaking work that the Master and His ministry demand.

    9. You can study in your own time at your own convenience.

    10. Et al.

    I have finished my exhortation. But one last thing if you please; those of us who have done all / or most of the above would love to have had this opportunity 20 or 30 years ago.

    But let me testify, that the personal, family, and professional hardships endured have made us what we are today by the Grace of God. Please do not be wimpy preachers and back down from any and all challenges of following the Master's call on your life--including what is necessary to get a quality education!!

    I am so tired of hearing, especially on the College and Seminary section of the BB, excuses and whining about all of the sub-standard educational programs out there that people flock to rather than doing good quality education. Now those days and those excuses should be over. But somehow I know those same people will carry on as usual.

    "That is all!" :thumbsup:

    PS. FTR (for the record), Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary also offers a fully online theological degree.

    PPS. Do not take the post personally. But if it stirs anger in you then you may want to check to see why you may be angry. :smilewinkgrin:
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