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help. suggestions for filters in web mail, for "Outlook" 2003.

Discussion in 'Computers & Technology Forum' started by mr. messy, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. mr. messy

    mr. messy New Member

    Jul 30, 2001
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    I have tried some filters with some limited success in Yahoo mail using such words as "free," "fwd," etc. I have limited myself to word filters in the subject line only. Do these filters lose their working ability after time?. I have not yet tried to use filters in Outlook 2003.

    What would you suggest? What kinds of words do you use for the subject line?

    What kinds of word filters for the TO line? for the From line? for the message line? I am still learning.

    Thanks, "mr. messy"
  2. exscentric

    exscentric Well-Known Member
    Site Supporter

    May 24, 2004
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    I have 2002 and took a few weeks of setting up filters, adding words, adding this and that and after all the labor I turned filters off because it was only stopping about ten percent of junk mail.

    The spammers constantly vary their approach so you have to constantly update your list of words etc.

    I report as much as I can of the worst ones to the government site in the hopes that it costs some of these companies some money for my time.

    The "Christian" groups really aggravate me. I unsubscribed to one of them and was informed that I had been removed from 18 different lists that they took care of.

    [email protected] is the address, you send them the headers as well as the body of the email. Your service provider probably has a spam reporting email address also, you might give it a try.

    I have cut down some of mine, but it may be that it is just less spam. I find the knotheads that send a couple dozen of the same one a day shut down for a few weeks, but sooner or later they come back with the same junk from a different address.