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How Christians Celebrate Christmas

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by John of Japan, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. John of Japan

    John of Japan Well-Known Member
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    Sep 22, 2005
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    Ever since I was a little boy, my extended family has celebrated Christmas on Christmas Day in a distinctively Christian way. Sometimes we would have up to 50 people together in one house!
    Nowadays my wife and I here in Japan still celebrate in the same way, though there are only two of us.

    I would like to know how others of you celebrate Christmas in a uniquely Christian way. Here is how we do it. By the way, even kids can participate, including testimonies and special musical numbers.

    First of all, the celebration did not come until the evening. None of this "presents first" business. During the day we would have a turkey dinner with all the fixins, then play games and generally have a great time of fellowship. Finally, in the evening would come our family Christmas celebration.

    (1) We all said Luke 2 together, which each of us had memorized. One person was appointed to be the reader in case people get mixed up.

    (2) We had a time of testimonies, when each of us could tell how the Lord had blessed and used us during the past year.

    (3) Some who were musically inclined did special music for us--even kids who hadn't practiced much!

    (4) Grandpa (a well-known Baptist evangelist) and Grandma had six daughters, and each of them married preachers. (About 7 in my generation are also preachers, including 2 missionaries.) One of the preachers would speak for about 20 minutes about Christmas and its true meaning--more of a sharing than a sermon.

    (5) We would have a prayer time, with one or maybe more giving thanks for all we had received.

    (6) Grandpa would appoint a grandson or two to be "Santa Claus," which simply meant he passed out the gifts. This was both an honor and a sacrifice, since the "Santa" couldn't open his gifts until later. He would take a gift or two at a time from under the tree, pass them out and then repeat the process. This meant that there was no mad rush or selfish ignoring of others. It was a lively time, and you heard a lot of "Thank you" and "Just what I wanted" and "You're so sweet!" The hugs flew like snowflakes!

    (7) We would fellowship the rest of the evening, perhaps play games with each other or play with our new toys. Everyone would go to be happy and remembering the Savior and our loved ones.

    So, how do you have a Christian Christmas?