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HOW do we determine how Much of Acts Applies to us today?

Discussion in 'Baptist Theology & Bible Study' started by DaChaser1, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. DaChaser1

    DaChaser1 New Member

    Oct 14, 2011
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    As regards to how the Holy Spirit operates with/in us and the Church for today?
  2. 12strings

    12strings Active Member

    Feb 10, 2004
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    I think we need to realize that not everything DESCRIBED in the NT is necessarily PRESCRIBED or PROMISED to us today. Peter was freed from prison...we might have to rot in prison for years. Paul was not healed of his thorn in the flesh...we might be. Peter preached and 3,000 souls were saved...that might or might not happen. They met in homes...we might meet in schools, or church buildings.

    We need to look for the things that are Emphasised as exhortations: such as, remember the Gospel, don't forsake it. forgive your brother, work hard, don't gossip or waste your time debating things that don't matter (hhhmmm?). Share the good news, edify the saints, forsake sexual immorality, don't show favoritism. There is no doubt these things were to apply to all beleivers.

    There are other things that are more debatable, such as Sign gifts, whether we should use musical instruements, do women need head coverings...which require deeper study.

    But I think our emphasis should be on what the NT emphasises.