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Hugo Chavez, a Bush victim ?

Discussion in '2006 Archive' started by pinoybaptist, Sep 29, 2006.

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    Mar 17, 2002
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    Aslanpal in his post had claimed that Bush and Chavez were former "friends" (as if politicians, especially of different ideological persuasions could even imagine the true meaning of the word "friend") but Bush, ever the "traitor" that he is, turned on Chavez and attempted to unseat the latter, which is why Chavez hates Bush so much, to the extent of abusing his privileges in the United Nations (which happens to be in US soil) and calling the president of the American people "the devil".

    Now, I have done a little wilkiing and found that Chavez had always from the beginning been communistic, and was himself an instigator of "coups" (man, your own medicine never tastes good, if it is true that Bush attempted to "coup" him out).

    I would like to post here somethings which I find relevant to what Aslanpal has claimed: that Chavez' anger stems from the fact that he suspects, repeat, suspects, Bush was behind the coup attempt against him.


    The beginning of the Venezuelan coup attempt of 2002:

    Note: read the above very carefully. The bungling, I think, came from Venezuelan military officers.

    Was the United States proven to be behind the coup, courtesy of George W. Bush ? See below:

    What do you think ?
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