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I Like John the Baptist

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Earth Wind and Fire, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. Earth Wind and Fire

    Earth Wind and Fire Well-Known Member
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    Jun 5, 2010
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    Who cannot like a guy who bucks the system! What a wild man, what a trouble maker, what a teller of unvarnished & raw truth! John never points to himself.... rather he points beyond... to Jesus & to the Kingdom of God ... and how subversive that is to the know it all's. It's gotta PO them that the people flock to them vs their Temple. He is hurting their business....that they thought was the only game in town (exclusivity). And so the powers that be justify themselves in killing a righteous God driven man.

    John represents the kind of liberation & prophecy yet the world desperately needs in the affluent culture today. A Radical willing to cut to the root cause. John is free from the system that enslaves people.....and these are the only prophets God can use, the only ones we can completely trust-- again I love the guy because he is not afraid to point to the kingdom & tell the truth.

    And we who have taken on the mantle of "The Baptist"...are in truth nothing like the man. Have we gone out to the desert, altered our lives, emptied ourselves of our own selfish motives, agendas & disguises? Noooooo sir.....we are still operating the way the world likes us to operate. How absurd to actually go out into the desert & operate as a wild man & a proclaimer of life. So what seriously is our identity in Christ anyway.... certainly not John the Baptist! We have none of those mans personality characteristics. :(