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I wasn't alone.

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by pinoybaptist, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. pinoybaptist

    pinoybaptist Active Member
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    Mar 17, 2002
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    Yesterday, 7th of March, I was assigned to a moderately busy exit's toll booth.
    It was a cold, blustery day.
    Like part of the song goes : all the leaves are brown (gone)....and the skies are gray....
    I've already taken four dollars out of my own pocket to replace my deficit from wrong decisions I made.

    one driver asked if he can pay by credit card AFTER I put in the dollar coin, expecting him to pull out a bill since she was rummaging in her bag after asking how much the toll was;
    another had that funny way of looking at you (impish smile and all on face) when they were about to pull a fast one on you. he did. he pulled away quick as soon as the lights turned green while I was struggling to unfold the dollar bill he had folded eight ways so he can hide the torn side and missing one dollar figure;
    one of them for some reason thought I looked like the elongated man at 220 lbs since she pulled up a good yard or so away from the booth window then handed me what I thought were US quarters and said she didn't want to miss the basket by playing Kobe Bryant to which I respectfully complied after putting in a US gold dollar coin for her in excange for the four quarters which she gave, two of which turned out to be Philippine peso coins.
    What a shame, I thought to myself, is this what my formerly demure countrywomen have become here in the land of the street wise ?
    was that weed I smelled ?
    the fourth dollar I lost to a driver of a passenger vehicle which was considered non-revenue pass throughs. what I had to do was take down his name, id number, vehicle number and tag number, and the time he used the lane.
    thing is I was fooling around with some apps on my cellphone and he pulled up so quiet-like and it was getting dark for my old eyes so I looked up, there he was, didn't see the markings and thought the id card he was handing me was money, so the left hand swung to the basket and the irretrievable dollar coin clinked.
    Four dollars.
    Four lessons.
    Then this young man pulls alongside, gives me five dollars and sez: don't want the change. use them on the next four vehicles that come after me, just tell them to pass it on, okay ?
    and off he goes.
    Five dollars. Toll fee is one dollar. change is four dollars. why is the number four so dominant for me that day ?
    Suddenly it dawned on me.
    Hallelujah !
    God is great !
    Allahuakhbar, as the religion of peace would exclaim.
    I mean, the four drivers who'd come along don't know him from their elbows, he doesn't know I'm pocketing his change, so I got my four dollars back, right? RIGHT ?
    Three other persons saw what happened and heard what he said.
    Their names were the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, the great One in Three, my Creator, Savior, and Redeemer.
    I may have been alone in the booth, but I wasn't alone, really.
    Man, you shoulda seen the faces of the four drivers.
    They couldn't believe they got a free pass courtesy of some young man they don't even know.
  2. exscentric

    exscentric Well-Known Member
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    May 24, 2004
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    Those three keep getting in the way - thank goodness! Well done.
  3. Oldtimer

    Oldtimer New Member

    Dec 6, 2011
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    Thank you.

    Your post was sorta like a roller coaster. First, the disappointment you were experiencing. Then at first seemingly good fortune, until I read "putting in your pocket. Disappoint was setting in again, as I thought, that isn't what you should have done. Then, joy as you paid it forward, just as the young man asked.

    Yes, He (They) are always with us. That small quiet voice that echos in the recesses of our being, will lead us in the right direction, if/when we listen.

    It is a great joy to hear the testimony of those who do take the time to listen. :flower:

    Thank you for an uplifting post, that's being read at the end of a long day. And, a blessed day for being in service of our Lord. For whatever it may mean to you, my feet don't hurt quite as much, as they did a few minutes ago.
  4. abcgrad94

    abcgrad94 Active Member

    Jan 12, 2007
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    Great story. Thanks for sharing that. It was uplifting.