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If you know .... why don't you take care to do EXACTLY as they say?

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by righteousdude2, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. righteousdude2

    righteousdude2 Well-Known Member
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    Oct 14, 2007
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    I've been tossing this around in my head for a long, long time, and thought I'd ask the question.

    First let me say that there have been quite a few times that I've come in contact with police, sheriff's and Highway Patrol.

    Once, I got a ticket for speeding, which I wasn't. There was another car that was the exact twin of mine, and we both had our roofs down and were blowing in the wind. She went flying past me on the freeway, and before I knew it, a CHP black and white was lighting me up.

    As he gave me the ticket, he kindly asked me to sign the original. Well, I told him I did not agree with the ticket, and asked what would happen if I refused to sign. He stepped back from the car, unhooked the strap over his gun, and started to pull it out, as he asked me to step out of the car with my hands up!

    I exclaimed that I was merely asking, and would sign the ticket. He got a little friendly again, and told me that if I did not sign the ticket, he would have to arrest me.

    Man that got my attention! As a person who worked closely with police, and I served as the chaplain for the Greater LA Cops for Christ chapter, I got to know these guys quite well, and let me tell you, they have the same fears you and I would have if approaching a scary situation. They want to go home and see their family after their shift, so they take percautions to protect themselves too.

    This protect and serve thing is over-rated. They usually have only two friends and 8 reasons to protect them when something goes sideways. And their back up friends are Smith and Wesson and a cli of eight.

    Cops also have bad days, we have no way to gauge their mood or day, or temperment. So cut them slack too, and calmly and respectfully obey their every word as if your life depended upon it!

    So, here is my question. If we, the people, know that the police are a little jumpy any ways, why take them to the task, giving them the option to take us into custody; draw down on us; or even slap us on the side of the head?

    I mean, blacks and Hispanics surely know about the idiom: driving while black or driving while brown, is one serious check against them ... so why would you test the turbulent waters and do anything other than what the cop is asking you to do!

    If a certain race knows that the cops could be trigger happy with the gun or tazers, why give them anything but their fullest cooperation, and respect and compliance, and no lip, or don't make any sudden moves?

    Communicate in a calm, rational way with them and do everything they ask you to do! :wavey:

    This may not have made a difference in the Ferguson shooting, but, it could save a life in the future. Be it in your car. Your own home. Or on the sidewalks of your neighborhood, if approached by "the man" [keeping in mind how they just might be looking for any excuse to hurt you] why not just do everything as asked, and be pleasant, and lose the attittdue. Remember me and my run in with that edgy CHP officer. And I am neither black or brown!

    I tend to think this could be a life saving propostion for a man or woman of color!

    So what do you think? Do you agree that you should swallow your pride and leave any arguements to be reviewed by a judge when you appear in court?