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I'm Just Born-Again: No LABELS....Please!

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by righteousdude2, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. righteousdude2

    righteousdude2 Well-Known Member

    Oct 14, 2007
    With the ongoing salvos being fired back-and-forth over the thread titled "How should christians treat the saved homosexual?" I thought it would be prudent and worth our precious time to discuss what is commonly observed with the gay community and how I fear it may become an accepted practice in the church, if things continue to go the way, they look to be headed.

    To begin with, it is not uncommon to run into a homosexual in our daily activities; and it seems that 90% of the time, when I meet a homosexual person they have to introduce themselves as being a "gay or a lesbian!"

    It has become such common practice, that some of you may no longer notice it or even be offended or aware of the introduction label being put forth with the handshake, or fist bump!

    However, with me, it seems so unnecessary for any person to broadcast or announce their sexual preference within their salutation!

    It is not only offensive to me; it is a growing annoyance, and in fact, it does more to begin the building of a wall between me and that person than it would be for me to just find out their sexual orientation somewhere on down the line. I just don't need to know that a person is either gay or straight?!?!?

    With that said. The thread I mentioned above has grown into a lengthy, ongoing debate over the need to use or not to use the word homosexual in conjunction with the word Christian or born-again. And while there are good arguments coming from both sides of this issue, I, for one, see no need to place any form of label on the person's sexual preference when introduced and the subject of their belief in Jesus comes up.

    Whatever happened to the excitement and sense of personal accomplishment in the fact that we are just a Christian of the born-again variety? What is the reason or rationale behind the need to throw in the persons past [hopefully it is their past] sexual preference into their salutation?

    Why does the born-again homosexual feel the need to broadcast or announce that they have come out of that particular sin?

    Is this not akin to the practice that homosexuals are currently using when the proudly announce to people they are meeting for the first [or second] time that they are out-of-the-closet and a "gay" or a "lesbian?"

    I am fearful that the practice of telling the world that they are gay, and pound and loud will be gradually transferred over to Christianity, and that it will only alienate these folks from the sincere, unexpecting believer.

    Why can't we just be excited about the fact that we have been to the cross, washed in the blood, and born-again? Isn't it good enough to be a recipient of His unearned Grace? Isn't it good enough to be unworthy of the greatest gift God could give a sinner [like me]? Why the need to announce one's past sin(s) along with the label of being a Child of the King of Kings?

    Maybe I'm legalistic. Then again, maybe I'm at the age in my life where youthful believers will snidely say behind my back that RD2 is and "old-fashion" legalistic fuddy-duddy! Nevertheless, names and brands about me and my belief systems aside, the truth is, it doesn't matter if I am legalistic or old-fashion. The truth is, I want no labels when it comes to who I am in Jesus. :godisgood:

    I am loud and proud to be a Child of God, and as for where I was [in sin nature] when I came to Him, it is more than enough for me to simply tell those who may be interested, that I'm born-again by His Grace. No labels for me-PLEASE! :wavey:

    After all, the Psalmist said it best when he wrote that our sins had been removed, and they are as far as the East is from the West! I am a new creature in Christ. I'm not proud of where I was when I saw the light. And I'm extremely grateful that I may not be as far along on the path as I'd like to be at this time in my walk with Him; However, I'm a whole lot further away from where I began this journey then I was even a day or two ago! :thumbs:
  2. HAMel

    HAMel Well-Known Member

    Nov 15, 2009
    To me, those who find themselves in that life style are certainly not "gay". Anything but! I consider them extremely disheartened and fearful. The Word does tell us that, "God gave them up..." Ponder on that for a minute.

    The emptiness of one who has been "given up on" has to be enormous. More than I would want to deal with. I am of the opinion those who announce their condition do it in an attempt to secure their acceptance. So sad.

    I do believe they can become saved..., but then again, if they have been "given up on" that seems to be the final straw to me..., but who am I when it comes to the Heart of God?

    Can an alcoholic be saved? A dope user? A child molester? Yes, I think they can be but it takes a very strong will to resist the daily draw toward their various addictions.

    I praise the Lord often that He saw fit to prevent me from becoming an addict of any of the hard core addictions out there. At the same time I think ALL of us are addicted to something if it's nothing more than chocolate creme pie or golf. Football games?
  3. Oldtimer

    Oldtimer New Member

    Dec 6, 2011
    AMEN, Brother, RD2.

    FWIW, I *see* the same thing over and over again. :BangHead:

    I don't want to know what goes on behind closed bedroom doors of any adult I meet, regardless of their "preference". It is none of my business, until someone tries to make it my business, whether straight or gay. It is my responsibility to take the WHOLE of the gospel to them. Whether an individual is or isn't committing a particular abomination to our Lord, shouldn't determine that I should "soft-pedal" His word. (Nor use it like a baseball bat, either.)

    Why did a photo of police responding to the Boston bombing feature the gay cop as a hero? There were 9 or 10 policemen in that picture. The story was about their response and not their bedroom activities. Yet, someone decided to make that "my business".

    Like you, I'm opposed to labels, when they are used to flaunt sin. When they are used to stereotype whole groups of people to further an agenda that does not serve our Creator.

    "Bible thumping, gun toting"
    "Homosexual Christian"

    emphasis added...

    Substitute "Oldtimer" for RD2. My screen name is a better fit, don't you think? ;)

    IMO, anyone who thinks that "Homosexual Christian" is appropriate should also approve this list, as the label may apply to the past/current/future of someone claims to walk with Christ.

    Murdering Christian
    Christian Thief
    Coveting Christian
    Adulterous Christian
    Christian Liar
    Christian Glutton
    Baal Christian
    the list can go on..........

    IMO, those who actually walk with Christ does not want to wear a BIG and BOLD scarlet letter. To publically walk proudly in their sins instead of walking with humility and reflecting the light of what He has done in their lives.

    It's one thing to give testimony of the change Christ has made in our lives. Quite another to flaunt our sinful nature and deliberately make it someone elses "business".

    "I'm Just Born-Again:" That's enough!

    May God have mercy on us all, as I remember the mockery of our Saviour with the label that was nailed to His cross.
  4. just-want-peace

    just-want-peace Well-Known Member

    Feb 3, 2002
    A great big amen to all these posts!!

    I sincerely hope Zaac reads this thread, as, IMHO, this more than adequately explains his obsession with the emphasis Christians put on the belligerent gay (Ha!!) community.
  5. righteousdude2

    righteousdude2 Well-Known Member

    Oct 14, 2007
    You're RIGHT!!!

    Some great responses....I can only hope and pray this thread gets the same attention and involvement the link I mentioned above got, because this is a topic we need to ponder and discuss!