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Is The MegaChurch Bubble Set To Burst?

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by Thousand Hills, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Thousand Hills

    Thousand Hills Active Member

    Oct 3, 2010
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    Interesting Article


    A Few Points I gleaned from the article
    (1) Megachurches are typically personality driven
    (2) The economics of a megachurch are not sustainable
    (3) Rick Warren had some interesting comments about the future and imo, alludes to a "virtual church" in a sense.
    (4) A Megachurch should plan now for future transitions/changes, be ready and willing to adapt.
  2. preachinjesus

    preachinjesus Well-Known Member
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    Feb 9, 2004
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    Demographics are showing they're gonna be around for a long time. Right now young adults, between 20-35 are flocking to mega/giga-churches and their ministries. You can't even compare in the large metro areas.

    The facilities overhead is burden, but likely will mean less capital campaign drives (not a bad thing.) Many ministries are shifting towards multi-site strategy which will bring down overhead and allow for more flexibility.

    The personality cult thing is a problem...let's be honest about it many of these churches are built on personality. That said just as many are looking around and beginning to put in place intentional transition ministries.