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It is written in their law ...

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Gerhard Ebersoehn, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. Gerhard Ebersoehn

    Gerhard Ebersoehn Active Member
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    Jul 31, 2004
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    "It is written - in THEIR 'law', "They hated Me without cause". But when the Comforter is come, Whom I will send unto you FROM THE FATHER - even the Spirit of TRUTH which proceedeth FROM THE FATHER, He shall testify OF ME."

    Who could improve on Jesus' definition and description of the function and origin of His, Law?

    We always say of the Law of God that it is our guide and standard in faith and conduct and doctrine; these three things. When we talk about ourselves, and of the Church, these two; not of, about, or, for, the world.

    Therefore, FOR WHOM is Jesus' Law?

    For his Church the Body of Christ's own The People of God?

    For me, myself, a believing believer of Jesus Christ and Lord?

    For the unfaithful, the unbeliever, the transgressor of all Law of God there is?

    For whom, is JESUS' Law?

    Could Jesus' Law be for 'them' - for those who have "THEIR", own 'law', even were it God's Law, the Scriptures, BUT FROM THEIR VERY HATE FOR CHRIST, FOR HIS LAW AND FOR THE SCRIPTURES?

    The Scriptures the root of all legalist evil?!

    Would any have hated Jesus or his Law, were there no Scriptures?

    ARE there lovers of Jesus who could be haters of the Scriptures?

    Could there be lovers of the Scriptures who could be haters of Jesus?

    WHAT IS THE THORN IN THE SIDE OF CHRISTIANITY that there indeed ARE, those pretending to love Jesus but they hate and can't hide their hate for the Law of God? And again, that there indeed ARE, pretenders that claim they love God's Law, but cannot hide their hypocrisy that they actually hate Jesus?

    A 'thorny issue' if ever there was, 'It is written in their, law ...'

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  2. Jerry Shugart

    Jerry Shugart New Member

    Nov 12, 2003
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    I believe that the words 'their law" are referring to the OT writings which the Jews possessed at the time when the Lord Jesus walked the earth. He was quoting Psalm 69:4 and 35:19.

    The Lord Jesus used the term "their law" because the OT Scriptures were in their possession. He alse said the following in regard to the Law of Moses:

    "It is also written in your law, that the testimony of two men is true" (Jn.8:17).

    It was the Jews' law in the sense that they had been given the Law by Moses. At John 15:25 it was the Jew's law in the sense that they had been given the OT Scriptures.