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It's All About Abiding

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Ztheberean, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. Ztheberean

    Ztheberean New Member

    Nov 27, 2006
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    We need to learn to compare scripture with scripture so that we can spiritually judge all things, and have an answer for every man because we have the mind of Christ. (Is 28:9-10, 1Cor 2:15-16, Phil 1:9, 1Pet 3:15, Col 4:6)

    Once we believe in Jesus, we need to come to learn, under His light yoke of repentant faith so that we could be instructed and have rest (the holy understanding, see Prov 9:10) for our soul. (Matt 11:28-29 cf. Jer 31:18-19) We are given the knowledge of the glory of God, by the mercy of God through His servants manifesting the truth by the scriptures. (2Cor 4:6,1-2) This is the form of teaching which causes obedience from the heart so that we would no longer serve sin. (Rom 6:17 with Titus 2:12) Because ALL scripture is given unto us for our instruction in righteousness, we can be perfected to go on to do good works (2Tim 3:16-17) ; that ministers grace through the good communication which edifies those who hear. (Eph 4:29, Rom 15:2) These are the servants who labor among us (in the word) who are to be highly esteemed because of this loving work. This is how we live in peace. (5:12-13)

    Who shall abide with God forever? Those whom God has prepared by His mercy in the truth, so that they would be preserved. Ps 61:7, 40:11

    Who may abide in the Lord’s tabernacle, and who shall dwell upon His holy hill? Those that can walk uprightly, and do righteousness in the truth, from their heart. (Ps 15:1-2) According to the truth of the gospel we are to walk uprightly (Gal 2:14); because God has for ordained us to be created in Christ by God’s workmanship, to do good works. (Eph 2:10) This is the gift of God which we can’t do because it is by grace through faith, without our works. (2:8-9) It is these who have cried unto God because of an overwhelmed heart to lead them unto Himself, so that God might prepare them by His mercy, in the truth, that they might abide with God forever. (Ps 61:2&7 with 40:11)How does God prepare us by His mercy? By our crucifixion with Christ that the body of sin would be destroyed so that we would no longer serve sin (Rom 6:4 cf Gal 2:20); Those who are raised in newness of life have put on the new man which has been renewed in knowledge so that it can ask God to help them put on mercy, kindness, humility, meekness, longsuffering, forbearance, forgiveness, and above all love which is (Christian) perfection. (Col 3:10-14) It is these that were freed by Christ from the bondage of sin so that they could go on to patiently wait through the Spirit, to be made righteous and loving by faith. (Gal 5:1, 5-6) Those who have been freed by Christ have the liberty to serve others by love. (Gal 5:1and 13) How does this all happen? We need to be sent the light (of instruction) in the truth which will lead us to this holy lifestyle (holy understanding, see Prov 9:10) so that we could dwell with Him. (Ps 43:3) Has God blessed you by sending you a man to teach you the glad tidings of the good things? (which God can do in you) (Rom 10:15) Then you will believe this report and be given obedience because faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (10:16-17) This is the form of doctrinal teaching that will cause you to become obedient from your heart, so that you can become a servant of righteousness. (Rom 6:17-18)

    It is only by God’s mercy and the truth that our iniquities can be purged. (Prov 16:6) Have you been given the fear of the Lord? Then you are abiding in Him and evil is not coming unto you. (Prov 19:23) The fear of the Lord is to hate evil and pride, and every false way to come unto God. (8:13) Those who do not have this fear, need to ask God for it without doubt, so that they would not remain double minded and unstable in their ways. (Jm 1:6&8) It is these who are deceived because they can’t perform what they are hearing (1:22); because they haven’t received this meek instruction from a faithful servant whom the Lord sent unto them to teach them that God may grant repentance unto them so that they could acknowledge this truth (which is after godliness) and be recovered from doing the devil’s will. (2Tim 2:24-26, Rom 10:15, Titus 1:1) This is why Jesus said that those who believe on Him will not abide in darkness (Jn 12:46, Job 24:13); because the (true) gospel calls those who are chosen out of darkness and into His marvelous light (1Pet 2:9); which light the children of light walk in which is the loving walk in all goodness, righteousness, and truth. (Eph 5:8-9 and 2) This is why Jesus tells us that we cannot bear this good fruit (of the loving walk) unless we abide in Him, and His words, for without Him we can do nothing. (Jn 15:4-5) Those who will not abide in these words of Jesus will be cast into the fire to be burned. (15:6) It’s all about God working His truth into us so that it’s light could come out of us (Jn 3:21); without which we will be under the new condemnation of believing in Jesus while practicing evil deeds now that the light has come. (Jn 3:16 with 19) A willingness to be here is acceptable to God because He first makes us willing and then causes us to perform these good things for His good pleasure. (2 Cor 8:12 with Phil 2:13)

    We need to abide in this doctrine of Christ in order to have both the Father and the Son: Those who do not abide in the doctrine of Christ are transgressors, who cannot have God. (2Jn 1:9) We are not to receive anyone who does not bring (or teach)this doctrine of Christ, or we will partake in their evil deeds (1:10-11); this doctrine has us lay the foundation of repentance for true faith towards God that we may be permitted to go on to (Christian) perfection. (Heb 6:1-3) This is the good foundation that we need (to ask God to help us) lay so that we may lay hold of eternal life (1Tim 6:19); without which we will be into vain and profane babblings with oppositions which some believers have erred concerning the faith(6:20-21); rather let us exercise ourselves unto godliness. (1Tim 4:7) God has winked at our ignorance concerning these things but now is commanding all (believers) to Repent (Acts 17:30 ); and come to repentance which leads to godliness. (2Pet 3:9&11) And so according to the truth we can be made free by Christ, so that we can patiently wait through the Spirit so that we could become righteous and loving by faith (Gal 5:1&5-6); without abiding in this truth you will be in the leavened church. (meaning being taught false doctrine -Strongs #2219) (Gal 5:9) Only those who have crucified their lusts belong to Christ. (Gal 5:24) These are walking in the Spirit because they have crucified their flesh with it’s (evil) lusts and (carnal)affections. (5:25-24, Gal 2:20, Rom 6:4) This is the truth that makes us free in Christ. (Jn 8:32 with Gal 5:1) So don’t change this truth (Rom 1:25); or you will end up twisting the scriptures unto your own destruction because your without this understanding (2Pet 3:16); rather learn what needs to be learned, so that you would not be led away with the error of the wicked. (3:16-17) Remember we need to be delivered from sin AND error. (Jm 5:19-20)

    Those that have been chosen know that from the beginning God chose us to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of this truth (2Thes 2:13, 1Pet 1:2); without which they will be damned and have pleasure in unrighteousness because God has sent them a strong delusion to believe a lie because they would not receive a love of the truth, that they may be saved. (2Thes 2:12-10) This is the powerful working of Satan that is the lie. (2:9) This is the mystery of iniquity that is at work. (2:7) I know that you will remember that you were told these things. (2:5) This is why Jesus said once we believe in Him, we need to come and learn under the yoke of repentance so that we can have rest for our souls. (Matt 11:28-30 with Jer 31:18-19) Without understanding there is no conversion unto being healed. (Matt 13:15, Acts 28:27, Jn 12:40) Remember, in the last days men will be lovers of themselves, covetous, proud, unthankful, and false accusers and despise those who God has made good. These love pleasures more than God and they have a “form” of godliness, but deny God’s power that they can be made to live godly. (2Tim 3:1-5) These are always learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth (which is after godliness, see Titus 1:1) But we know that all scripture is given to us for our instruction in the doctrine of righteousness so that the man or woman of God may be perfect and thoroughly furnished to do all good works (3:16-17); this is the doctrine of grace which enables us to deny ungodliness and lusts so that we can live righteous and godly in this present world because of God’s controlling influence over us. (Titus 2:12) Meditate upon these things; day and night; give yourself wholly to them; that your profiting of these things may appear to all. Take special care of this doctrine; continue in it: for in doing this, you will save yourself, and those that hear you (2Tim 4:15-16); without which you will be a deceived hearer because you cannot DO. (Jm 1:22, 2Tim 4:16 ,4:1)

    All positive comments are welcome...

    Love rejoices in the truth that reveals grace,

    1Cor 13:6, Col 1:6
  2. dispen4ever

    dispen4ever New Member

    Oct 10, 2006
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    I certainly appreciate your abundant use of scripture references. Good job! (..and He gets the Glory!)